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Like many people nowadays, I spend way too much time scrolling through TikTok at 3 a.m. Also, for some reason, I’ve been entrusted with money to spend, so I’ve fallen into the trap of buying things I see online. Here are some of the best things I’ve bought because of TikTok. 

Rechargeable Lighter. I love a good candle as much as the next person, but with a candle, you need a lighter. After buying lighter after lighter, it starts to rack up your spending. I saw a lighter that is rechargeable, so it will never die. I’ll never have to worry about buying a lighter ever again or spending time trying to get it lit. Plus, it makes a fun zappy noise. 

Character Candles. To go with my lighter, I needed some candles. Small businesses tend to pop up on my For You Page occasionally, and one page I stumbled across was Disney themed candles. The company, Wishes Candle Co., makes Disney-inspired candles with cute labels and amazing scents. Also, some candles come with a surprise pin in the candle after burning it, and as someone who collects pins, it was a great bonus to add to my collection. I’ve also found anime and reality tv candles. 

LED Shower Head. My shower has turned into a disco. My new shower head changes colors as water runs through it, making it look like a rave. If you sing in the shower, getting a color changing shower head will take your concerts to the next level. 

LED Cloud Message Board. Cute. Simple. Great wall decor. It’s not boring like square message boards, and it lights up to give your room more of an aesthetic feel. I love quoting odd TikTok sounds on it. It’s a great addition to any apartment or bedroom. 

Rubber Ducky Car Co-Pilot. It’s a rubber ducky with a propeller hat and little gold chain that sits on your dashboard. It’s super cute and makes drives much more entertaining. It’s a great little addition to your car. 

My bank account is hurting thanks to TikTok, but I’ll probably go buy some more candles now. Happy shopping!

Darby Morgan

Delaware '23

My name is Darby Morgan. I am from Coatesville, Pennsylvania, where I attended Coatesville Area Senior High. I was the school's talaria editor, captain of the track and field team and part of the ping pong club. I love photography, reading and watching Netflix. I am a mathematics major and psychology minor at the University of Delaware.
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