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Sunday Morning Routine on the First Community Day of the Season

This post is inspired by the New York Times Metropolitan Sunday Morning section of the paper in which New Yorkers explain what they do on Sunday morning! This is my own spin of what I did in Newark, DE on Sunday the 15th  

When I get up, I typically plan what I need to do for Monday, then do it or schedule when I will do it. Then I can just chill the rest of the day.    

I started my morning with 9:30 am mass at the St. Thomas Oratory. Then, on my way to Brew Ha Ha after mass, I noticed that it was community day on the Green! All these cool tents were set up and I did some exploring and got a beautiful succulent from Iris Gardens along with a ton of other free stuff. I highly recommend checking out the events in Newark, here is the link for fall: https://newarkde.gov/737/Fall-Event-Listing 

After my walk around talking to people and lugging my free swag, I headed back home to chill, give my new plant some water, and watch The Edge of Seventeen. I can’t sit still, so I’ll put on a movie and force myself to relax. If I have something I need to do, I’ll make myself relax and then go over to Main Street later. I always try to walk slowly on Sundays because I am always rushing during the week to get to class.  

I also watched Stephen King’s Carrie from 1976 (the original movie). I often pause parts of movies when I think of other things that I need to do (I’m just a little hyperactive). I stopped watching Carrie with 20 minutes to spare and walked out to Main Street to buy some hydrogen peroxide (great for getting blood stains out ladies). Then I got some Lo Mein and spring rolls from Red Bowl (delicious Asian food!!!). I walked back to my home feeling so relaxed and excited to eat my food. I stopped by the street where my brother’s friends live on the shortcut to the way back to the dorm, I said hello and laughed when one of them was delighted to see me and said: “Oh, you brought dinner!”   

After I was home, I finished watching Carrie while feasting on Red Bowl. Then I went to Morris library to rent The Shawshank Redemption (also Stephen King!) and of course because I can never just get one thing from the library I got Mark Kermode’s movie guide to Shawshank, the screenplay for A Beautiful Mind, Boyhood – Twelve Years on Film, Avatar, Philosophy (Dunn) and The Art of Avatar (Fitzpatrick). Film and writing are a great mix.  

Lastly, I got things together for the upcoming week and then proceeded to watch The Shawshank Redemption. I like to get in bed at 11 (sometimes it’s before then if I’m super tired) and read a mindless book (right now it’s Big Little Lies which I started over the summer…). Then when I’m sleepy it’s lights out. 

Catherine Hogan is from the UD class of 2023. She loves psych, lit, and running and is currently majoring in communications with an English lit, comp sci, entrepreneurship, and Français minor in the hopes of becoming a big shot tech wizard (think Silicon Valley). She likes her coffee black and it took her forever to get her driver's license.
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