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A Short Note to The University of Delaware

Dear University of Delaware, 

    These past four years have been so bumpy with you. I wanted to write a thank you letter for all the experiences I’ve had with you. I was given the chance to meet so many different kinds of people. I was given many different opportunities to grow as a person. I’ve also had so many service and occupational opportunities. Without all those people, personal growth and opportunities I would not be where I am now, right about to graduate. 

    One of the many great people I have met on campus was Professor Jonathan Russ, a professor in the history department. He has written many of my recommendations for my new job I am going to start in August with Americorps at Great Oaks Private charter school. He also wrote my recommendation for a spring break opportunity where I was able to help teach history in southern Delaware. He is someone I admire on campus because he has such passion when he teaches and he makes history feel alive. Another person that I am glad that I met was Iris Perez-Mazariegos. She is a great friend I knew for a while, but got closer during senior year. She is an independent woman that is the President of We’re First and Sister of Lambda Pi Chi. She has helped me become more organized and more independent by giving me pointers. She is truly someone kind and loving and I hope to work with her at Great Oaks. Another person I was glad to meet during college was my friend Yeithmi, who I met this semester. I never clicked with someone as fast as her. She has been teaching me so much about fashion, self care and finances. I honestly am so happy to have met her as well because I can already tell she will be a lifelong friend. 

I came into college being shielded from the world from my overprotective mother. She never let me have social media until senior year of high school. I was not really sure about the world of social media and was very focused about studying. I also did not have much knowledge about healthy living and access to such a beautiful gym like the one at UD. I was really immature and naive about other people and how the real world works. Through experiences like part time jobs, study groups and  social events I got to meet many types of people. Some people I still keep in contact with and others have fallen through the cracks. Yet, I think I became more independent and less reliant on others, which is what freedom means to me on campus. It’s knowing that I am going to change but that change is not as scary as I thought it would be.

Some great opportunities that I have had on campus was joining We’re First, a first generation oriented club that focuses on helping first generation students. I was able to join this club junior year when it was first started and helped it grow a bit with building its social media and a persistent event schedule. I have bonded so much with the strong, independent women from the e-board of We’re First and feel confident that even when I graduate the club will thrive and grow. I am also an E-board member of the Art League which is the art club on campus. The art club has always been a zen spot for me to release any stress through a creative format. I recommend it to anyone who wants to do anything creative to join the club. The e-board members are really sweet and funny people. Each of these clubs helped me build my character and confidence as well. I have had the chance to paint, draw and make things in the club that help me distract myself from the busy life of a college student.

Finally, I cannot wait to become an UD alumni and embark on this journey in this new chapter of my life. I will be at a new job in August where I will be teaching and mentoring children from lower income backgrounds in English and math. I’ll be moving out to my first apartment next month with my best friend from home, then leasing my first car after taking time to help boost my credit score. So many changes are rising up for me over the horizon and I am more than excited to start this new chapter. So, it is with a heavy heart to tell you goodbye.

Many thanks,

Brenda Amaya

Brenda Amaya

Delaware '21

Brenda Amaya is a Senior at the University of Delaware. She is a Pre-Law History major. She enjoys to spend her free time exercising and taking care of her self. She is vice president for We're First a first generation student organization, Treasurer for Art League (The art club at the University of Delaware), and she volunteers with Alpha Phi Omega a co-ed fraternity. When she is not doing schoolwork or her clubs she is working part time at her job. She enjoys to listen to music, go hiking, painting, watch movies and to venture to new place.
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