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Shick’s Quattro You Razors: Why I Love Them

I don’t know if you have realized this or not, but summer’s almost here. We all know what that means: beaches and bikinis, biatches! I’m kidding…not really. When summer comes, the sweaters go away, and the slippers, sunglasses and shorts come out, showing our God-given gams (legs if you don’t know what that word means.)

A lot of girls tend to either get their legs waxed or stick to razors. I fall into the latter category (as I am broke and simply do not have the time or pain tolerance for waxing) and so I need a good razor to keep my legs smooth and supple for the summertime. (Man, I am killing these alliterations right now!)

In the past, I didn’t actually buy any personal razors for myself. I used to take my dad’s razors and used those instead because my mom told me I was too young to shave my legs. They did their job okay, but they only had two blades. In hindsight, I don’t think they were made for your legs…they were more of a face razor. It would probably explain why my dad had them.

Moral of the story: They did their job, so life was good. Then, as usual, Her Campus happened. Our usual box of goodies and toys showed up to our meeting, and who can pass up on free stuff? I decided to try the Schick’s Quattro Razors because A.) I needed new razors, and B.) WHO CAN PASS UP ON FREE STUFF?!

So I got my four-pack of four-blade Quattro Razors and took them to my dorm and tried them. I really liked them. The razor was sharper than the other razors that I used in the past, so I didn’t have to press as hard to get the hairs off (unless I wanted a nick and cut, which I don’t. Blood and hot water hurt like hell). It had a smooth glide, so I didn’t have to go back to get any hairs I missed. Plus, it had four blades. FOUR! If one blade missed something, the other three would not. Let me geek out for a second, I’m used to two.

The clean-up wasn’t awful either. In the past, hairs would clog up the blade within the first use or two and I would have to throw it away because it wasn’t of much use anymore. After using one of the Quattro blades, that wasn’t much of an issue.

Overall, I dig it. I back it. I highly recommend it if you need smooth legs for the summer. (Unless you’re me, all year because I just can’t stand the feel of hairy legs anymore.) The only thing you need to know is smooth glide, smooth finish. It gets the Afia Stamp of Approval!



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