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I was a fan of How I Met Your Mother when it was still on the air (yes, I was twelve and probably shouldn’t have been watching, but whatever). I was such a big fan that I had shirts that read, “It’s gonna be legen– wait for it –dary” and “Challenge Accepted”. So, you can imagine how excited I was that How I Met Your Father was finally coming to air after years of speculation and waiting. Now, as a twenty-one year old, I’m excited to present my review. 

Warning: Spoiler Alerts Ahead! (Just the first episode)

Thought #1: I absolutely love Sid. His character already seems hilarious and I was so excited for his proposal.

Thought #2: The cast seems like it has a very diverse cast with each character having a solid and unique personality and I’m intrigued to see how they all interact with each other.

Thought #3: I did think that Ian was going to be a complete liar and only say that he’s moving to Australia as a way to hook up with – and never have to see her again. Sorry–I’m a pessimist!

Thought #4: If my roommate invited a random British guy to live with us in our clearly too small, two bedroom apartment I would never let them live it down.

Thought #5: Classic ‘we mixed up phones in the uber’ joke. Personally, I don’t understand how this happens. I guess as someone with chronic anxiety that’s part of a generation that is always on their phones, I at least would have checked my phone before getting back to my apartment or at least after my date. Also, confused as to why she Ubered to the bar but didn’t Uber back? Interesting how that works, 

Thought #6: Definitely predicting that Jesse and – will be the ‘Will they, won’t they’ couple of this show – which is fine I guess. Personally, I don’t see it working out as Sophie is clearly an optimist with a sunny personality and Jesse is the cynical ‘I hate love’ guy. These kinds of relationships work out sometimes but in this case, I kind of hope it doesn’t.

Thought #7: Please, someone get Kate McKinnon on this show, even just as a guest star for one episode. I need her to meet Ellen. 

Thought #8: I was so worried that Hannah was going to say no to Sid’s proposal. While I was sad she had to leave the engagement party early, I was so happy that she said yes and it seems like they’re going to work out (at least for now). Personally, I see this as a couple I’m rooting for.

Thought #9: How did that many people fit in one car. I don’t believe it, that is actually not possible. There were SEVEN of them, which is too many to fit in one standard-size sudan.

Thought #10: Good for Sophie for trying to make things work with Ian, but I’m glad that he had enough sense to see that it wouldn’t work. I predict that he’ll be back before the end of the first season though. 

Thought #11: Okay, British boy is not my favorite. He already seems snotty and unsure about his relationship. I’m gonna need to see some real character development in order to like him. 

Thought #12: Ooh, I liked the twist that Sophie’s parents weren’t actually happily married. Maybe it’ll work out for her and Jesse after all.

Thought #13: I liked the way they referenced Marshall and Lily and that they used the same apartment, it makes me feel all warm inside. 

Thought #14: OH! It’s one of those four guys?! That’s crazy, I didn’t realize it was like actually set from the beginning that it was going to be one of them and not just someone from throughout the show. This will definitely be interesting. Although, if it’s Sid and he and Hannah break up I think I’ll be a little sad. 

Thought #15: I just realized that Sophie said she usually drinks white wine as her go to and that the narrator aka Sophie from 2050 is drinking white wine while she talks to her son

Overall, I really enjoyed the first episode. I do really appreciate that the writers didn’t try and make these new characters fit into the same kind of boxes as the characters from How I Met Your Mother. I am a little worried about a show with this many main characters though, as I’m worried that one will be left behind in writing if they all have different storylines.

Caitlin is a Senior at the University of Delaware. Her major is International Relations and she has minors in History, International Business, and Social Justice. When she's not writing for Her Campus you can find Caitlin running around campus (most likely with an iced coffee in hand) or with her friends.
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