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Ranking Red (Taylor’s Version) Vault Tracks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

The long anticipated Red (Taylor’s Version) is finally out. With 9 tracks from the “vault,” there’s a lot to get into. So here is my personal ranking of these amazing newly-released songs!

  1. All Too Well (Ten Minute Version): Are you really surprised? This song has been discussed in the fandom for years, and now it’s the talk of the entire internet. The original song was amazing enough, but the 10 minute version elaborates on the heartbreaking story of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s ill-fated relationship. The lyricism is just beautiful, and lyrics are always my favorite part of songs. Favorite line: You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.
  2. Nothing New (featuring Phoebe Bridgers): Oh my god. As someone who was already a Phoebe Bridgers fan, this song blew my mind. It’s especially relatable to college students- we often feel like this the last hurrah. My friend made the point that this is the “dark and twisted side of 22,” which I could not agree more with. This just adds so much to the story of Red. Favorite line: How can a person know everything at 18, but nothing at 22?
  3. I Bet You Think About Me (featuring Chris Stapleton): I am so glad this song got an absolutely iconic music video. It’s more of a country song, which isn’t everyone’s taste, but I love it. It describes someone’s desire for their ex to still think about them, which is very relatable to a lot of people. Favorite line: You and I fell like an early spring snow.
  4. Forever Winter: This song is absolutely heartbreaking. It’s most likely about Taylor’s high school friend who passed away from an overdose, and it’s about someone worrying about a friend’s mental health. I can’t get over how emotional this song makes me despite its catchy pop-esque melody and production. Favorite line: All this time I didn’t know you were breaking down.
  5. Better Man: Another song that was previously recorded and released by another band (Little Big Town in this case) this song describes wishing that an ex was better. I can relate a lot to this song, and it’s just beautiful. Favorite line: I know the bravest thing I ever did was run.
  6. The Very First Night: Despite falling towards the middle of the ranking, this song is anything but mediocre. Another catchy banger, this song is about reminiscing on a past relationship in a fond and nostalgic way. The nostalgia of this song is always what gets me. Favorite line: I’m the one on the phone as you whisper, “Do you know how much I miss you?”
  7. Run (featuring Ed Sheeran): An iconic bestie duo is back! The first song the pair wrote (yes, before Everything Has Changed), this song is literally about running away from it all. Reminiscent of Taylor’s desires to be away from the spotlight, Run is a lyrically beautiful song. Favorite line: Pale blue sky reflected in your eyes
  8. Message In A Bottle: This is WANEGBT and IKYWT’s sister- change my mind. The first song Taylor produced with pop-producing duo Max Martin and Shellback, this song is the definition of catchy. Favorite Line: How is it in London? Where were you while I’m wondering?
  9. Babe: Don’t get me wrong- Babe is amazing. Previously recorded by country duo Sugarland, Swifties were just quaking in anticipation for Taylor’s version. This song is catchy but sad, which is one of my favorite combinations. It’s a bit repetitive, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. Favorite line: Broke the sweetest promise that you never should have made.
Julia Spina is a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Delaware. She is interested in studying mental illness and aspires to become a clinical psychologist. She enjoys singing, listening to Taylor Swift and emo music, photography, astrology, and skateboarding in her free time.