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As a college student, coffee is one of the, if not the most necessary things to have. Another is time. Having the time to get coffee before class and run in between classes is so valuable. And coffee lately has seemed so pricey along with everything else these days. When coffee is not available to us… everything else starts to get irritable throughout the day. Here is my list of the best coffee on UD’s campus based on taste, price and speed!

5. Little Goat Roasting Co.

The main coffee shop on the other side of campus is so much better, however, I am only commenting on Trabant mainly for the convenience of this location. You can order ahead on Grub Hub and have it ready in almost minutes. There’s barely any wait for them and Trabant is so close to the Green and Old College, it makes for a very convenient grab in a rush. If you are in a pinch for something, this definitely works. If you have the time… don’t go here. The price is not worth the overall taste compared to other choices on campus. If you have the walk in you or come from that side of campus please go to the original Little Goat Roasting coffee shop on Haines St. It is so much better and has a much wider selection of coffee and bakery items.

4. Starbucks

Starbucks is a classic staple. They have a good coffee and a great rewards system with so many ways to earn points towards free coffee and goods. Without the rewards system they are definitely one of the more expensive coffee chains. Biggest issues with this one on campus is how far of a walk they are are from classes. Unless you are walking from that direction, it really is not worth going unless there is spare time. If the Starbucks in Smith was still open this would easily been number three. How about the Starbucks in the bookstore? Why did they go away? When will they come back? We need more locations not less!


This is a recent discovery for me. We all know the classic Bing’s Bakery on East Main Street but this is different. I noticed Bing’s Bake and Brew on South Main Street when walking to class and had to check them out. Their coffee is not only very good but the Bakery definitely is worth the extra dollar. There is no rewards system that I know of or an app to order ahead, however this is such a hidden gem that is absolutely worth checking out. Their coffee is also relatively inexpensive when compared to others on this list which is why it is placed so highly. Not too expensive and it taste good? That’s what I am here for!

2. Brew ha ha

I wish I could place this higher on my list. The overall coffee taste is amazing and if you are willing to pay a little more, your taste buds will thank you. You can order ahead on the Toast app to save time and pick up your coffee and they have a rewards system that adds up to free coffee. That’s money well spent to me. The reason for a number two spot is there is always huge crowds there (for good reason) which makes a quick grab much longer than anticipated. Even if you order ahead on the app, you could be waiting around 10 minutes when you have class to get to. The other reason is a more personal vendetta on how small there is XL Tall cups are compared to other coffee shops. I. Need. More. Please!

1. Dunkin Donuts

Many will agree and so many will disagree. It is always between team DD and team Starbucks and clearly you can see which side I am. Dunkin Donuts at UD is just the best overall. There are so many locations on campus that Dunkin is clearly the most accessible no matter which way you are walking from. They have an app to order ahead and even when you don’t, every location I have seen here is lightening fast getting coffee out. Their coffee taste is worth the price and the sizes. They already have cheaply priced coffee but there are always promos and coupons available on their app. Plus their donuts are pretty good since losing Duck Donuts.

Overall, everyone has their own budget, taste preferences, and time management when it comes to their coffee. I hope this list inspires you to try other coffee shops, especially those local! For those who are really struggling with budgeting their coffee runs, get a coffee maker. It wont be as gourmet but your wallet will thank me.

Kaitlynn Evans is currently a Senior attending The University of Delaware majoring in Criminal Justice with a Political Science minor. Outside of school, she is working with the 153rd Military Police Company for the Delaware Army National Guard. Some of her favorite things to do for fun are traveling to new places and going on hikes with her dog.