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New School Year Resolutions


New School Year Resolutions

This week, our staff explored some of the resolutions they’d like to make for the upcoming semester and school year. Like a New Year’s resolution, these are meant to keep us grounded and to remind us of goals that we want to reach. Here’s to another fantastic year! – Sara, Editor


So you’re all moved into your new dorm or apartment. You’re looking at yourself in the mirror thinking that you have nine months here. Nine months not only to succeed in classes and make friends, but to do anything you want. It’s almost like New Years, except it’s in the beginning of September. Here you are, the start of a brand new school year; what are YOUR new school year resolutions?

1) Going to the gym. We say it every year when we walk pass it on our way to class, “I’m going to work out at least 3 times a week this year.” Then the resolution falls through due to reasons such as, becoming lazy, being involved in too many activities or it’s too crowded. My suggestion is making a dedicated time for the gym. Try going at night when it is less crowded and you’ve finished most of your homework. Set up a time in the morning before classes so you get it over with and you feel refreshed for the entire day.

2) Stay organized. Start using a planner where you write down everything that you need to accomplish for the week. Once you have a planner, you avoid procrastinating because you can visualize on a calendar how close deadlines are. You also avoid overbooking yourself because you know when you’re too busy the moment you see a calendar day penciled in with numerous events and coursework. Lastly, you will start assignments early when you see how much work needs to get done in the span of a week.

3) Meet new people. It’s easy for freshmen to say they want to meet new people because everyone is willing to open up and start conversations when they have yet to know anyone at school. For upperclassmen, though, it may seem that everyone already has solid groups of friends and that starting new friendships is a difficult task. But really, a little effort can go a long way! Try talking to people sitting next to you in class. The odds are they are probably thinking the same as you. What’s wrong with adding a couple of new faces to your friend group? Speak up and branch out.

4) Meet a guy that likes you for you. Written in the simplest way, yet it’s the hardest resolution to check off the list. It might not happen like it does in the movies when a cute guy catches your eye in class and then you live happily ever after. More realistically, try giving the guy who you might never have found attractive a chance. Hang out with your guy friends on your floor; if you find them to be respectable guys, odds are they have friends with similar qualities.

Some other great new school year resolutions from our Her Campus staff include,
1. Practicing yoga twice a week
2. Planning an awesome rush for their sorority
3. Cooking and eating more healthy and home cooked meals in their apartment
4. Not relying on caffeine for that early morning fix
5. Taking advantage of on campus services like the writing center
6. Finding a internship for Winter Session that boosts my resume

It’s the beginning of a brand new school year; make a list of resolutions and start checking them off! Truth is, nine months will fly by before you know it!

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