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New Kids on the Block: A Guide to New Main Street Food

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

Before coming back to school this fall, many UD students were upset that some of their Main Street favorites were closing. Mizu Sushi and Kildares closed over the summer, and just a few weeks ago everyone’s favorite cupcake shop, SAS, shut down. Even though we still have Little Teriyaki for our sushi cravings, and Bing’s Bakery at the end of Main Street for a nice sweet treat, many UD students have been feeling the loss of these loved places.


But have no fear! Main Street is still thriving, with new restaurants and stores opening this semester. So far, Grain and Duck Donuts are two new delicious destinations that every UD community member must check out during Homecoming this weekend!


Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen

At the very east end of Main Street, students will find Grain Craft Bar + Kitchen, a great restaurant offering a fun and warm dining setting, perfect for any occasion from Sunday brunch to a lively dinner. With a contemporary bar scene and fresh American food, you can’t go wrong when spending your time here.


Grain offers shareable appetizers, great salads, and delicious burgers perfect for any group of friends! A popular choice is the naan flatbread, served as an appetizer which comes with bacon, chicken, caramelized onions and a balsamic glaze. And for all of those mac and cheese lovers, you MUST try the mac and cheese at Grain, because it is amazing! Another awesome thing about Grain is their live entertainment on the weekends. For all of those music lovers who want to jam while having a great meal, Grain is definitely the place you should be on the weekends!


Duck Donuts

Another new food option on Main Street is Duck Donuts. With SAS Cupcakes leaving us, it is only right to have another dessert place emerge. After The Meltdown closed over a year ago, UD students have been waiting for a new, better place to move in. The wait was completely worth it. Duck Donuts offers homemade old fashion donuts that are completely customizable. With a variety of glazes, frosting, sprinkles, and even bacon bits, your $1.25 donut will definitely be everything you imagined it. One fun part of going to Duck Donuts is watching them actually make them right in front of you! If you are unsure if you will like these donuts, don’t worry because sometimes they even have free samples.


If these two new food places don’t get you excited, then you can look forward to Honeygrow, a noodle bar that should be opening sometime this semester. We’re expecting it to be delicious, and are eagerly awaiting its grand opening!



Amanda Schuman is a junior at the University of Delaware. She is currently majoring in communications with a concentration in mass media and double minoring in journalism and interactive media. Amanda is passionate about all things communications whether it's social media, public relations, writing or just networking. In her free time she can be found watching sit-coms on Netflix, with a book in hand or eating anything sweet. You can follow her @bluehen_amanda