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I am sure most of you have heard that studies have shown that writing things down helps you memorize things better rather than typing. For me, I like taking notes, but only if the professor has slides and it’s easy to follow along.

The Apple Pencil has been out for a while now and I was like “nah I don’t need that” or “it’s so stupid who would buy that”. But now, after seeing my friend have the iPad Pro and take in depth notes, it caught my attention, and I began thinking of getting the iPad with the Apple Pencil.

I did some research on the iPad Pro until the new iPad was released and saw that it was ONLY $330. My friend got the iPad Pro for $650, so who really got the better deal? Also, there was a student discount of 6%, which isn’t a lot, but it took $20 off. On top of that, I sold the Apple store my old iPad Mini and got $95 towards something else — obviously I used it towards the new iPad and ended up only paying $214 for the device itself, not including the Apple Pencil, case and or other accessories.

The major difference to me is that the iPad Pro has a screen of 10.4 inches, and the regular iPad has a screen of 9.7 inches. Is a bigger screen by a smidge really worth $300 more though??? Hell no.

I really love the new iPad. I suggest that if you’re tech savvy and love Apple products, like me, then it really is worth your money. The best part is that you never run out of paper and you can have different colors while you write so you can make your notes fun and interesting. There is an app I use for taking notes called Notability and it’s one of the best note taking apps I’ve ever used. It allows your notes to sync directly to your Google Drive or even DropBox. It can also upload PDF files which is amazing. Oh, another great feature is that it allows you to rest your hand on the screen as you write and it only picks up the Apple pencil so your hand doesn’t mess up what you’re doing.

All in all, I highly recommend the iPad if you are a student because it really will change the way you take notes for the better.

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