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Need Smooth Legs? Skintimate’s 2-In-1 Shave Cream Is A Leg Saver!

Ever since I started shaving, my hair has grown back faster than all my friends. My friends could go a week or two without pulling out a razor, while I was lucky if my legs remained hairless for three or four days. I have accepted this fate as a thick haired gal, but have decided to instead invest my time in making my legs as smooth as possible during the rare days they are without hair.

Instead of globbing my legs with moisturizer and utilizing Eos shaving cream, I decided to try out Skintimate’s 2-in-1 shave cream. The instructions tell you to just put the cream on your leg without any water, and start shaving. *24 hours of moisture, guaranteed.*

I was skeptical about just using cream to shave, but was willing to try. I opened the bottle and covered my legs with a thin layer of Skintimate, which smelled AMAZING — a combination of vanilla and coconut! While shaving, the hair came off easily, and I only had to run the razor under some water to unclog it a few times. So far, I was liking Skintimate. After I was all done, my legs felt smooth, but dry, a perfect combination of silky but not sticky.

The real test though, was if the smoothness would last for the full 24 hours. Unfortunately, my legs became dry and flaky.

I had high hopes for Skintimate’s 2-in-1 shave cream, but it failed to provide me with consistent, 24-hour moisture. If you are looking for something that smells delicious and makes it easier to shave, I would definitely utilize Skintimate, but I think I‘m going to stick with using my globs of moisturizer.

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