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Nail Trends For The Fall!

Nail art took over the girl world this past summer. Tribal designs, ombre, crackle, letting one nail stand out, and even caviar nails were all the rage. For this upcoming fall, be on the lookout for new nail trends! Here are the trends from this summer, and what to look forward to for this upcoming fall. 

1) Tribal nails were a big hit this summer. Rigid lines and subtle colors produced a nail art that every girl wanted to show off. 

2) Gradient and ombre nails also made it big this summer. A graduated nail color could be easily achieved by painting your desired nail polish colors on a makeup sponge and pressing that onto your nails.

3) Crackle nail polish was a quick way to make your nails stand out. You simply paint your nails the color you want, let them dry, then put a quick coast of the special crackle nail polish to achieve this cool look.

4) Painting your ring finger or sometimes even your pointer finger was a quick and trendy way to paint your nails this summer. 

5) Probably the most complicated of the trends, caviar nails were an unusual yet creative way to make a splash this summer. You can purchase the beads for $3.50 at a Michael’s Craft Store. You simply paint your nails and while your nails are still tacky you dip them in the beads and let dry.

Nail Trends Going into the Fall Season

1) For Fall 2012 matte nails are the new ‘it’ thing. Coming in a variety of colors but looking best in rich colors and nudes.

2) Sparkles are going to make a big splash this fall, giving your nails the little something special they need.

3) The predicted favorites for this upcoming Fall season include a range of colors shown below, including nudes, blue and green hues, and the more traditional dark hues. 

4) This fall will favor the simplicity of nail art. We just came out of a summer with wacky colors and crazy designs. Now it’s time to go simple. A reverse French manicure is the perfect way to give your nail’s a little pizzazz. 

Remember, when you’re trying a new nail trend, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! There are so many cool current nail designs to try, that your possibilities are endless. Have fun with it!


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