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Melanie Lynx: Breaking Into the Music Industry as a Young Female Artist

Here at the University of Delaware, students are constantly inspired and challenged to get involved, do well academically, and to reach their full potential by taking advantage of all that is offered to them. Dreams are only intangible only if we are afraid to make them reality. With that in mind, it is awesome to see young individuals achieving their dreams! Melanix Lynx is a young female musician who is working hard to make her music career a reality, and has recently released her first single! We are happy to present Melanie’s work to you in this week’s article. 

Melanie Lynx first got her start performing when she was only four years old singing Disney songs in local talent shows. As she got older, she began to spend her free time focused on writing music and practicing her singing and performing. By the time she was thirteen, she competed throughout New England in a wide variety of singing competitions. That’s when she realized she wanted to pursue performing.

Melanie performed 400+ times at venues including Carnegie Hall, The Apollo Theater, and was featured in the A&R Showcase through Berklee College of Music displaying the top mainstream artists in the Greater Boston Area. She also made it onto Season 10 of American Idol and has since racked up 35,000+ YouTube views. She was recently featured on the Perez Hilton website home page where he said, “Love her swagger!” Kayleigh Mill also praised Melanie, saying, “This girl is a pop star waiting to happen. Melanie knows what it means to perform and sound like she’s already part of the Top 40.”

Ethan Schiff, Melanie’s manager, began working with her a little under a year ago. Melanie says of him, “It seems as though we’re always on the same page and that’s one of the biggest rewards a lady can ask for.” She is extremely thankful to work on her music with both Ethan and her band.

According to Melanie’s experience, men outnumber women in the music industry. This brings both advantages and disadvantages. She says that hard work, dedication, and a no-nonsense attitude are just what a girl needs to gain respect in this business. She also says that the biggest challenge she faces in this business lies in trusting the right people. “Many people are flakey and superficial so you have to watch out!” she warns.

Melanie’s biggest advice to young aspiring female artists is, “Don’t. Give. Up. Persistence is key. Also, stay true to yourself and your art, do what you love because you love it and don’t give a sh*t about what other people think.”

Melanie wants to one day travel the world playing her music at different international venues.

Her single “First Time” was released recently and her music video just debuted. To listen to the track, go to http://melanielynx.bandcamp.com. To see the music video, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PkFfzqpovg. For a free download of “First Time,” go to http://on.fb.me/N5bIRl.

An EP featuring five “feel-good” tracks will be released later in the fall.

For more on Melanie Lynx, go to:
Her Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/MelanieLynx
Her YouTube page at www.YouTube.com/MelanieLynx
Her Twitter page at www.Twitter.com/MelanieLynx


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