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Meet Haley: The sorority girl who wants you to know it’s about more than parties

I was lucky enough to interview Haley on what being in a sorority at the University of Delaware means to her. She wants you to know that sororities are about building on the positive parts of yourself and others, rather than having the best parties.

HC: How did you get involved with your sorority?

Haley: After spending my first semester abroad, I would be entering college without knowing anyone on campus. When I got back, I figured that rushing a sorority was the best way to meet a lot of people, regardless of whether or not I actually joined a sorority. The girls in my sorority have made me feel more included on campus, which helped me enjoy school more.

HC: What is one word you would use to describe the girls in your sorority and why?

Haley: I would describe them as supportive. The sorority has so many different girls from so many different backgrounds and we each build each other up. We remind one another that we’re always there to help.

HC: Do you think there are any incorrect stereotypes about sorority girls?

Haley: There are a lot of stereotypes involving sorority girls, but one that is particularly untrue is that the girls are only concerned about the popularity of their sorority. People perpetuate the idea that sorority girls are only interested in making their sorority rank higher in the eyes of fraternities through their looks and parties. But, the sorority girls I know are interested in supporting each other and philanthropic work.

HC: How has your sorority helped you get involved on campus?

Haley: I have met many supportive and well-meaning girls in other Greek organizations on campus through my sorority. Even though sports isn’t an activity that is typically associated with sororities, mine is helping me get involved with a soccer team that plays against fraternities, which I am looking forward to.

HC: How have you benefited from being in a sorority?

Haley: My sorority helped support me when I was transitioning to campus after being abroad, which was one of the most difficult times of my life. Without that support system, I am almost certain I would have transferred to a school much closer to home. Because of my sisters, I was able to grow into a more independent person who can take on difficult situations.

HC: Is there anything you have learned from your sorority that will help you after college?

Haley: Managing my sorority’s social and philanthropic events with school has taught me how to balance academics and social life through organization.

If you want to know more about the best parts of sororities reach out to Haley at [email protected] 

Quinn Norris

Delaware '22

Quinn Norris is a sophomore at the University of Delaware who is majoring in Political Science and Public Policy. This, coupled with her time spent abroad in freshman year has made her interested in political news, and news showcasing people's individualities.
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