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We all love feeling free and getting away from our parents sometimes because of endless amounts of questions and being told that you actually have a curfew on the weekends, once we move out to college. But once we actually get to college and can experience how lonely it may be some days, there’s nothing else more that we want than to be in the comfort of our own home.

Coming home for the holidays and counting down the days is one of the best feelings. Personally, and I think I can speak for many; this Thanksgiving couldn’t have come soon enough. Being swamped with exams and stress is something I just couldn’t handle anymore. Even though as soon as I get back its time to prep for finals, a week home for Thanksgiving will do me well. As well as going out each and every weekend, which is a load of fun don’t get me wrong, but sometimes you need to recuperate from that as well. It is nice to wake up without a hangover on Sunday’s.  Sometimes you just need a break and being home is the cure for that. Even just coming home for a random weekend can be such a relief and get you recharged for your role once you get back to school.

I have learned to call many new places at college my “home”, including the actual university itself, because it’s where I will spend four incredibly important years of my life and experience many amazing things in order to create my future self. The library is my home when I spend hours there 5 days straight trying to ace my next exam. My apartment is my home because it is somewhere I feel safe and can relax in after classes and spend time with my roommates. But, there is nothing like your actual home you grew up in. You are surrounded by home cooked meals, your supportive family and high school friends that you haven’t seen in months. It brings back memories that you reconcile together and just feel safe again. You get to sleep in the bed you slept in since you were probably in elementary school and have the ability to sleep in as late as you want. You can wake up to huge pancake breakfast your dad has made for you and just enjoy the little things. It is somewhere that is just familiar to you and you don’t have adjust yourself to fit in.

As much as I do love my “home” at school with my roommates, it is really amazing how nothing else can compare to your real home. It is one of those things that will never change and give you the same good feelings of comfort every time you go back to it.  

University of Delaware 2018
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