Mask Up!

To protect people like you and me from the time we wake up, it is so important that we mask up! So, read along and don’t be afraid, as I remind you that super isn’t born, it is made.

Superheroes wear masks

Hometown heroes wear masks

The tuxedo cat wears it

Even animals like raccoons wear it!

Bands like KISS wear it

Mister and Miss wear it

Firefighters wear masks to fight fires

Dad wears his mask to change a flat tire

Mom wears her mask to teach in a school

Brother and sister wear them: “tie-dye? So cool!”

Grandma knows it goes above your nose

Grandpa knows it doesn’t go on your toes.

Now that you’ve read, you can see how easy it is to protect people’s safety! So, put on your mask when you go out today, to protect yourself and others in every way.