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An Interview with Your Local VSCO Girl

This week I had the pleasure to interview my good friend and resident VSCO girl, Julianna Carey. She, like many other college-aged women, has been dubbed “VSCO girls” by the media in a frenzy to describe the sudden phenomena of women walking around in large tees and Birkenstocks (or Crocs, depending on who you ask) while carrying their all-important hydro flask water bottles. 

HerCampus: Hello, can you tell me your name and major?

Julianna Carey: I’m Julianna Carey and my major is Elementary Education.

HC: In your own words, how would you describe a VSCO girl?

JC: So, when I learned about VSCO girls, it’s someone who wears big t-shirts, likes scrunchies, says “sksksksk” *laughs*, wears puka shell necklaces, says “save the turtles”

HC: Any other things?

JC: There are a lot of Tik-Toks about them- it’s a thing and they're mostly about freshmen in high school

HC: Okay cool. When did you find out you were a VSCO girl?

JC: I think it was my roommate Reagen and she-I don’t know how this happened- but she said you’re a VSCO girl and she showed me Tik-Toks and said ‘this is literally you’ and I was like ‘no’ *laughs*.

HC: Are there any celebrities that you think fit the typical VSCO girl?

JC: I feel like Hannah Meloche is a VSCO girl.

HC: How long have you been using items associated with VSCO girls?

JC: A long time! For a few years.

HC: Do you have a VSCO?

JC: I do have a VSCO. I used to use it all the time. Now I feel like I don’t really use it anymore. I used to just use it to post all of the pictures that didn’t make my Instagram that I still want people to see. 

HC: So like a more casual version of Instagram?

JC: Yes!

HC: Why do you think all of these items together- the Burts Bees, long t-shirts- have formed the VSCO girl image?

JC: I feel like because they’re trendy and VSCO is all about those cute posts about making things like friendship bracelets.

HC: How do you feel about the negative stereotyping of VSCO girls?

JC: I mean, it’s kind of funny. If I’m wearing a VSCO girl outfit and my friends make fun of it, it’s funny.

HC: How do you think the internet has changed trends and fashion?

JC: Well it kind of reminds me of how everyone wanted to be a Tumblr girl in middle school. It’s like that but [VSCO] is what's happening now.

HC: What do you think is the next trend?

JC: I don’t know honestly. You can’t predict what the next thing is going to be, you know. No one ever thought VSCO girls were going to be a thing and here we are. Apparently I’m a VSCO girl *laughs*

HC: Well I think you should wear it with pride. You’re just a girl who likes to be comfortable!

JC: That’s true!

So there you go. I hope this interview can help those out there who were wondering what a VSCO girl is like and has helped you form an opinion on what is a harmless trend. Save the turtles!

Caroline Haislip is a sophomore communication interest major at the University of Delaware. Caroline is passionate about books, movies, and politics. While she isn't raving about the Bachelor franchise or geeking out over cheesy movies, she spends her time petting any dog that crosses her path.
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