Interview with a UD Senior During a Global Pandemic

I sat down with a graduating senior from University of Delaware and asked them about their experiences in their final year. After speaking with a college senior, it’s clear that while some things at UD have stayed the same, others have not. This senior asked to remain anonymous, and their responses will be identified as AS for Anonymous Student. 

Her Campus: Do you remember how you felt when you found out that Fall and Spring classes were mostly going to be online? If so, can you elaborate on that memory?

Anonymous Student: I am sure there are so many factors that contribute to the university’s decision to make classes mostly online. While I am sad that I cannot spend the last year of my academic career inside the classroom, I understand. 

HC: How has the pandemic affected your academic journey at UD?

AS: The pandemic definitely affected my academic journey. Being a senior, the classes I need to take and the amount I need to take each semester are becoming less and less. However, moving to an online format three years into my academic experience was a big change. I had never taken a class online before we switched over in Spring 2020, and I know that it was a big change for a lot of other students and professors as well. While I don’t think that the quality of classes or the knowledge I gained through this time was lessened due to their online format, I do miss sitting in a lecture hall for class. However, I was still able to complete all the classes I need to graduate on time.

HC: Do you feel confident about your job search and career in an online world?

AS: Despite the current situation, I feel really confident about my job search and hopefully finding a career in the online world. Throughout my academic career, I feel like I have had a lot of resources provided to me in order to find a job after graduation. The career center has been a big help. The organizations I have joined throughout my time at UD have also allowed me to network, build connections, and prepare for a job in my field after graduation. Overall, I’d say every one of my experiences that UD has given me, even during the pandemic, have helped me more forward towards my future.

HC: Would you feel comfortable with the possibility of having an in-person graduation ceremony? 

AS: This is a really hard question to answer, and honestly, I think it would depend on what’s going on in the world at the time of graduation. 

HC: Overall, how have you managed with online learning?

AS: When we first went online in the Spring, it was a completely new experience for everyone. Moving classes to Zoom and to online formats has been a challenging adjustment, but I believe that I have found ways to adapt to it. This format has also changed how I’m used to studying, doing work, etc. You can no longer be in Morris Library until 2 am with your friends doing work, but you can do it on Zoom! Overall, I think I adapted as best as can be expected given these circumstances.

I was happy to hear that this student was able to find success academically and that their experience at UD wasn’t ruined by the pandemic. I know that this was not the senior year that anyone wanted, and my heart goes out to all graduating seniors.