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Interview with a Kid on COVID Halloween

Halloween is a classic holiday for kids. They get to go out at night with friends, dress up as whoever or whatever they want to be and get free candy simply for showing up. However, with COVID-19, Halloween will look different this year for children.

I interviewed a 10-year-old about how she feels about this very different Halloween.

Her Campus: How do you feel about not going out for Halloween this year?

R: Sad.

HC: Do you usually stay in your neighborhood when you go trick or treating?

R: Yes but I don’t know the name.

HC: That’s okay haha. What’s your favorite halloween candy?

R: Kit Kats, Skittles, M&Ms and Hershey.

HC: Who are you dressing as this year?

R: Scooby-Doo.

HC: Do you know what your friends are being?

R: I don’t know, it depends if they tell me!

HC: Are you going to a party on Halloween since you can’t go out?

R: Yes, I’m going to K’s house.

Even though she can’t go out, R is still able to celebrate Halloween with a party being thrown on Halloween night. The hostess of the event, who is a nurse that currently works with COVID-19 patients, gave me some insight into how the night will go.

Her Campus: What are your plans for Halloween this year?

K: For Halloween we are doing an outdoor gathering with family only. Instead of trick or treating around town we are doing a Halloween Hunt (aka Easter egg hunt) just to keep it fun. I also asked the adults that are coming to bring some candy so that the kids can trick or treat around the yard. 

HC: What advice do you have for those celebrating Halloween this year?

K: As far as keeping it safe I go by the CDC recommendations and also the recommendations from the local government. 

HC: If people are anxious about celebrating this year, what are some other ideas you have for how people can still have fun this halloween season?

K: Other ideas to safely celebrate would be to do things in your immediate household, such as carving pumpkins or any other fun related holiday activities. Maybe schedule a zoom session with others to hang out “together.”

While Halloween may be different than previous years, there are still ways for children (and college students) to still have fun and celebrate. Happy Halloween ghouls!

Catherine Hogan is from the UD class of 2023. She loves psych, lit, and running and is currently majoring in communications with a journalism and English lit minor in the hopes of becoming a writer/editor for a newspaper. She likes her coffee black and it took her forever to get her driver's license.
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