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Interview with Alexa Curtis

Alexa Curtis is a talk show host and influencer. She had her own channel on Radio Disney called “Fearless Everyday.” She highlights people who use their platform for the greater good. Alexa has built her brand around being fearless and continuously uses her own brand for good. Here’s some more insight into who Alexa Curtis is!

Her Campus: What exactly is your day-to-day like in this field?

Alexa Curtis: Each day in my life is so different! I’ve been focusing heavily on building out the mentor program with the Be Fearless Summit, as well as planning the May/October summits, so that requires conversations with sponsors, speakers, and the college to make sure the day runs smoothly. I’m also working on Season 2 of my podcast The New Unfiltered so I have been filming an episode or two per week. I do keep two activities consistent during my day: working out and meditating for 20 minutes! 

HC: What inspired you to pursue this career? 

AC: I never anticipated my hobby of blogging as a kid to turn into a company. I just wanted to inspire others and myself, and the more exposure I got and experiences I began to have, the more obsessed I became with being an entrepreneur and working. Now that I get to converse with young adults everyday, there’s very few moments when I’m not inspired. 

HC: What is your favorite part of your job ?

AC: Getting to talk to young people and give them ideas they may not have had before talking to me. I love staying in touch with people and seeing how they evolve, land their dream job, internship etc. The coolest thing is getting an email a few weeks or months after I’ve spoken to someone to hear they finally emailed that person they were too scared to reach out to, or asked their college professor for new advice. 

HC: What message would you like to send to readers?

AC: Get out of your comfort zone. We’re all in our own way, and if you stop letting yourself or other people hold you back, the world truly becomes your oyster. 

HC: And finally, what has been the most important thing you’ve learned throughout your journey ?

AC: Take a second and breathe. I’ve had moments that I look back on and realize I didn’t sit in the excitement of the success because I became too obsessed with what’s next – success isn’t success unless you take a second and realize how you got there. Meditating has really helped me channel all of that eagerness and passion into remembering to breathe as funny as that sounds- it’s all about balance. 

A huge thank you to Alexa for speaking to us and make sure to check out her new podcast and past episodes of her show on Radio Disney! 

Gina Magliocco

Delaware '21

Gina is a Senior at the University of Delaware and the current President of the Her Campus UDel Chapter  She is an International Relations major with a minor in Public Policy.  She enjoys writing very much and has also been published by "Young Professionals in Foreign Policy." Gina is from Westchester, New York. 
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