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I Found the Perfect Facial Cleanser To Remove Halloween Makeup

For me, it has always been difficult to establish a skincare routine that is easy to follow. It seems as though I can never find a happy medium between a half hour long routine using 10 different products or a routine that only consists of soap and water. So, when I received Mary Kay Naturally purifying cleanser I was so excited to try it.

After only the first day I loved it. It smelled great, felt silky on my skin and felt like it cleansed really well. Even better, as a person with sensitive skin, I was left with no redness. As the weather gets colder, my skin starts to become drier and patchy, but after using the cleanser, my skin felt much softer than it normally does.

When testing this product, it was the week of Halloween. At Halloween, my costume usually requires copious amounts of elaborately drawn on makeup that is difficult to remove. Honestly, most of the time I dread having to take the time to remove my makeup after a long night out. After receiving this product, I decided to test if it would be my new miracle product for nights like Halloween where I apply lots of makeup.

First, I applied enough makeup to look like a clown. Then, following the directions on the Mary Kay Naturally tube, I put the cleanser on a cotton pad and began to remove my makeup. As I wanted to truly test this product, I only put about a dime-sized amount. To my shock, it took off most of my makeup in less than a minute! The crazy amounts of blush, lipstick and eyeshadow I had applied were completely gone, and there was only a little mascara left. After putting a small amount of more cleanser on, and focusing on the eyes, my face was completely makeup free. Like before, the product left my face feeling clean and smooth.

Despite being someone who normally struggles to establish a skincare routine, I will definitely be adding Mary Kay Naturally to the products I use regularly. It was a product that worked well, felt good and smelled great!

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Quinn Norris

Delaware '22

Quinn Norris is a sophomore at the University of Delaware who is majoring in Political Science and Public Policy. This, coupled with her time spent abroad in freshman year has made her interested in political news, and news showcasing people's individualities.
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