How To Make Friends As A Freshman

This past week, many freshmen moved to campus for the first time. I personally moved in on Wednesday, and let me just say it has been an adjustment.

The first night I was here, I felt a little lost. Thankfully, the past few days, I have slowly and surely started getting used to being away from home and realized that I would not make friends by just staying in my dorm.

So, here are some tips I have come up with on how to make friends as a freshman.

  1. Say hi to people in the hallway! This might sound super simple but honestly, by saying hi and introducing myself, I was able to start meeting people in my building.

  2. If you see people in the common lounges, go hang out with them. The odds of them saying no are minimal and chances are if they are in a common lounge they want to meet more people.

  3. Go to events that are being hosted around campus. Perkins always has events and stuff going on!

  4. Text in your floor/building group chats asking if anyone wants to grab food. Most people do not like eating alone and eating together is a good activity for a first time encounter.

SMILE:) I know we are all wearing masks but by showing that you are friendly, people will be more likely to go up to you.