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Holiday Gift Guide For College Students

The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means… gifts! I don’t know about you, but I love giving gifts during the holidays! However, it can be tough on a college student’s budget. It’s hard to go into a crowded mall and try to find something great for your friends that also won’t break the bank. These are some of my favorite ideas for spreading your holiday cheer through gifts!

1. Candles!!! 

I don’t know about you, but since becoming an adult candles are like, my favorite thing. They make your place smell great and are a relaxing part of my self-care routine. You can also really personalize this gift to what their favorite scents are. They also aren’t that expensive, my favorite places to find them are Target, Home Goods, and Bath & Body Works.

2. Coffee / Coffee mugs

Coffee is definitely what fuels my and most of my friends’ lives. And that stuff can get expensive. Find out how they make their coffee and buy either some Keurig pods, Nespresso pods or beans. That can also pair well with a new mug, which you can honestly never have too many of. 

3. A Subscription

This one may sound weird, but nowadays everything is online and you often need a membership for stuff. This one is good for your friend who is behind on the times or your mom who doesn’t know how to stream music. Certain subscriptions cost more than others, so you have to check out which are the best. Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney + are all amazing and useful gifts for loved ones.  Who wouldn’t be excited to get access to every Disney movie?

4. Gift Cards

Honestly, I hate to put this on here because it can be a very non-personal gift, but it can really be great for college students. Gift cards to food and coffee places truly will make any college student happy because it means that they won’t have to pay for it. While this gift can be overused, free food is still pretty exciting. I would usually give this gift with something more personal, like a card with it, or maybe their favorite candy.

5. Anything you can make at home

This is a fun one because it can really bring out your personality in the gift. It’s also a way to get really creative with gift-giving. What are you best at? Scrapbooking, knitting, drawing, painting, baking, cooking or really any form of crafts are great ideas. This means that your gift will be personal and show the time that you put into it. It truly is all about the thought of the gift and any friend would love to see that someone spent time making them something. I personally love to give my friends my awesome cookies from scratch. It gives them a smile and a stomach full of sugar for the holidays!

Trying to find the perfect gifts can feel stressful and expensive but just try to keep it simple! We all can appreciate even small things given to us because it shows thought. So go spread your holiday cheer and make your friends smile! 

Jen Sand

Delaware '20

Jen Sand is a 20 year old from San Francisco, California and is a Senior Media Communication major with a minor in Advertising. She is also a figure skater on UD's intercollegiate skating team. In her free time, she loves traveling, eating take out, and watching comedy shows.