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Fun Tapestries to Buy RN

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A little basic, but a lotta cute: Tapestries. They’re an eye-catching, easy, (and sometimes funny!) way to dress up your space, and I’m here to share some of the best tapestries on Amazon right now. Sure, It’s subjective, but I totally think you’ll love these finds. 

  1. Moonlit Garden Tapestry

This tapestry screams enchanted, whimsical vibes. And honestly, who wouldn’t love to feel that way in their room? Dreams of being a fairy in a forest are already in my head with this beautiful find.

  1. Dandelion Plant Tapestry

I may be getting into Cottagecore vibes with this one, but the color combos on this tapestry are to die for. Perfect for a darker room that needs some subtle color!

  1. Boho Silhouette Tapestry 

I love the way this tapestry is minimal with its linework, and still so pretty, with a small pop of color. This is definitely finding its way into my shopping cart soon. 

  1. Wall Hanging Mountain Tapestry 

Once again, I can’t stop admiring these colors! For a more neutral-toned room, (I’m thinking ivory-painted walls, greige, light blue walls, etc) this pair of tapestries would complete the space.

  1. Colorful Mandala- Indian Inspired Tapestry

If you’re a bright color lover, this one’s for you. The gorgeous mandalas created in this Indian-inspired tapestry make for a fun visual that is seriously so mesmerizing to look at.

  1. Red Lips Tapestry

I’m getting major pop art vibes from this, and I have to admit, I dig it– This tapestry can be minimalistic, or can amp up the maximalism in a space, depending on what other decor you pair it with! 

  1. Sunset Desert Tapestry

I feel at peace just looking at this, WBU? I can’t escape the nature vibes today, guys- But can you blame me? This tapestry is giving me all the happy, bright vibes. 

Those are all my favorites at the moment, and I’m hoping this recent tapestry obsession of mine can be just a ~little bit~ beneficial for you, and inspire you to dress up your room with some fun decor!

Kayla Plunkett

Delaware '23

Kayla is a sophomore art major at the University of Delaware. Aside from being a part of Her Campus, she keeps up with new music, all things artsy, and of course, tik tok.