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Don’t Keep Your Enemies Close When They’re The Devil’s Spawn

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

We all know the old proverb, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” However I am here to tell you NOT to do that. That can lead to nothing but false accusations and harassment charges.

When dealing with the devil, do not make friends, do not sacrifice your integrity and do NOT fall under her manipulation. Notice I use her because I am convinced, just as people believe God has no gender, that the devil only has one: female. Specifically, a girl that was my roommate. We will call her “Lilith”.

Lilith was nice at first, but I could tell something was off. There’s something deceptive and odd about someone who is too nice. It was move in day at our dorm and we were all sitting and conversing. She was talking way too much about herself already and stealing the spotlight from everyone else. She was trying to impress our parents and acted like she was the ringleader of a clique that wasn’t even real! Needless to say, I was suspicious.

Time went by and school was rolling on, but so were my suspicions. While I still had a bad, fiery feeling in the pit of my stomach everytime I saw her, I tried to keep the peace for our other roommates.  However, when the gates of hell opened, there’s no turning back. She started to become vindictive and power hungry. We would go to the dining hall and heaven forbid she finished her meal first. She would make us drop what we were eating, get up and leave. She was inconsiderate and selfish when she FaceTimed with her long distance boyfriend, screaming all night. Speaking of her boyfriend, she cheated on him multiple times and lied to us about it. She would try to control our nightly plans to fit only her. She broke our roommate’s laptop and didn’t replace it or even offer. The list goes on and on. And, when we would call her out, she had a knack for victimizing herself in proper sociopathic nature.

However, a year passed and we signed a lease and moved into an apartment. It wasn’t a month in until shit hit the fan. She had broken a glass bottle on the floor and left it there for 24 hours. I stepped on it, gashing my foot open. It was as if she set me up for a sacrificial offering to her. She also put me in the middle of a situation between her and another roommate where they were arguing over the air conditioning. After a day, I had enough. I sent out a text message addressing the situation of the air, the glass bottle and how we all (including myself) need to take better care of the apartment. I was not aggressive, nor rude. But she clearly did not agree. She came at me saying that we must all have underlying problems with her and that she doesn’t deserve to be bullied like this. Everything was blown out of proportion and made to victimize her (per usual).

After that incident, she ghosted me. Blocked me on all social media, wouldn’t look, speak or come near me. I tried talking to her, but nothing worked. A week later, she sat us down to tell us she was moving out. Finally, we would be able to cleanse the apartment of all evil.

However, it did not stop there. The night she moved out, I had pettily posted a video about how her leaving the apartment was a good thing, in so many words. But one of her Judas followers screenshotted it and sent it to her. After taking it down and realizing what had already happened, I unblocked her number to apologize. But, what does she do? She texts my other roommate that I am harassing her. That the cops need to get involved. That she is “scared of me”. Nothing I said was harassing or threatening and I did not even use her whole name. I felt crucified. I swear, the crosses in the apartment flung upside down on their own.

After a week of not knowing if the school or police were going to show up at my door to send me to the underworld, I let it go. But it did not stop there. My friend heard her conspiring on the phone with her friend to set me up for mail fraud. She had a whole plan where she would get a package delivered to my door and then accuse me of stealing or breaking it (after she had done it herself) to get me federally arrested. Needless to say, we had the locks on our doors changed and monitored the outside of our apartment for days. She even texted my other roommate that a package was being delivered to our apartment for her and we raised the question, why didn’t you send it to your new address? It was sketchy and evil.

After over a year of her torment, I do not see her. She moved onto the next group of girls to manipulate and seize under her evil power. Keeping your enemies close will never work, trust me, I tried. Evil is evil and there’s no getting away from it.


Kaylee is the former President and Editor in Chief for Her Campus at the University of Delaware. She held this title from 2017-2020 and wrote for Penn State's chapter as a contributor prior to this. Now a proud UD class of 2020 alum (B.A. in Public Policy and Writing), Kaylee is completing her Masters in Public Health. Aside from writing, Kaylee was involved in many activities as an undergrad. She wrote for three college publications, was a Blue Hen Ambassador tour guide, worked as a Starbucks barista, and was the Director of Operations for the Model United Nations at UD.