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This Christmas will be unlike any other, but that doesn’t mean that the Christmas spirit has to end! Here are 5 crafts you can make to ensure a merry COVID Christmas.

1. Homemade Christmas Cards 

Do you remember making cards for your family in elementary school? You can still make them now! Take some scrapbook paper and load up Pinterest for some festive ideas. You don’t have to be an artist to make a great card. It’s easy and you’ll have cards with a homemade touch to send to family and friends.

2. Hot Chocolate Mug

What you need to make your very own personalized mug is a plain mug, oil-based Sharpie paint markers, adhesive stencils or stickers, rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, nail polish remover and q-tips for cleaning up mistakes or smudges and an oven. Practicallyfunctional.com has a great tutorial for this! The mug also makes a great gift idea.

3. Mason Jar Centerpiece 

Here you need a mason jar, some regular twine, chalk paint and fake holly to fill the jar. Start by painting the jar then let dry. Then tie some twine in a bow around the jar and fill with your fake holly. Super easy and cute decoration for your table!

4. Christmas Village Luminaries

For these easy and festive decorations, you need the printable from ellaclaireinspired.com on plain computer paper, an exacto knife, votive candles or battery-operated votives and tape. The tutorial is simple and looks very festive!

5. Gingerbread Christmas Garland 

For a cute string of gingerbread, you will need brown cardstock, twine, a white sharpie and a hole punch. Begin by finding and tracing a gingerbread man template online;  whatever size you want. Then cut out multiple gingerbread men- however many depending on how long you want the garland to be. Decorate them accordingly with the white sharpie. When you finish, hole punch a hole on each arm, one on the right and one on the left. Take the twine and thread through the gingerbread men. There you go, an easy garland!

I hope that you enjoy these five easy crafts and that they help rekindle some of the Christmas spirit during these times. Happy holidays!

Catherine Hogan is from the UD class of 2023. She loves psych, lit, and running and is currently majoring in communications with an English lit, comp sci, entrepreneurship, and Français minor in the hopes of becoming a big shot tech wizard (think Silicon Valley). She likes her coffee black and it took her forever to get her driver's license.
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