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Being Yourself

I am the least confident person ever. All throughout high school I didn’t really believe in myself or liked the way I look. I still don’t believe in myself most days or am happy with whom I am.

But being in college has taught me to realize that nobody cares. No one is looking at you when you think they are. This is the time for you to become that beautiful butterfly that started out as a scared small caterpillar.

So go after that internship you want. Go up to that boy who you’ve been crushing on in your English class. Do that silly dare your friends told you to. Eat a cheeseburger and an ice cream sundae. Flunk a test because you partied so hard the night before with your best friends. One bad grade will not define who you are.

These four years are meant for you to be fun and young. Learn to love yourself.

Find that boy who will treat you special and not just text you at 1 am on the weekends. Find the boy that will climb mountains for you. Find what makes you truly happy, not anybody else.

Find the friends that respect you. Find the friends that think you are beautiful and funny. Give that random person a smile on the way to class. Surround yourself with people that radiate positivity and uplift you.

Call your mom and dad everyday. Thank them for what they have provided you with. Text your brother or sister everyday to tell them you love them.

Be yourself. Don’t be scared and believe that you can do anything. Don’t sweat the small things and just breathe in the fresh air. Stop worrying about what’s going to happen next and just enjoy the moment.

These years fly by. You don’t want to look back and wish you did things you didn’t do. Do you?

University of Delaware 2018
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