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Ask Felipe: Udel’s Solo Boy’s Column!

Hi everyone, my name is Felipe and I recently started my own column called Ask Felipe. I am an Argentinian stunner with a big nose and fabulous hair and I am here to answer your questions!

YOU: If you were a coffee order, what would you be?

FB: Tall espresso. Lots of energy in it.

YOU: Breakfast for dinner? Why or why not?

FB: No. I don’t like breakfast food.

YOU: How do you feel about the end result of the Bachelor?

FB: I don’t watch that show. But screw the guy anyway for being on there.

YOU: If it was the end of the world, how do you want it to end?

FB: Big ol’ explosions everywhere, and big, stinky, scary bugs fly down and start spitting acid and people are dying and goin’ like “OOH AAAAH” and then Buzz Aldrin is like, “Every life is a special story of its own.”

YOU: If you were given a book of your life, would you read through the end?

FB: I couldn’t because I’m a slow reader and I’d die before finishing it.

YOU: Would you rather know when you’re going to die or how you die?

FB: Know how I die so I can not be afraid to do things like swim with sharks or drink chemicals.

YOU: Should you break up with your mans based on his horoscope?

FB: No. A simple horoscope is not reason enough. Horoscopes are more about personality and what type of character someone has. “This is gonna happen” horoscopes are BS in my opinion.

YOU: If you could go to space, would you?

FB: Yes and die (I’d sing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” before dying)

YOU: Why do you need to make an appointment to see a psychic?

FB: To pay them lol.

YOU: Would you rather have Rick’s portal gun or Edward Cullen’s strength and speed?

FB: Rick’s portal gun so I can easily visit my loved ones.

YOU: Why is it that when things get wet they get darker, even though water is clear?

FB: Water makes light act differently so that’s probably why things appear darker.

YOU: Would you consider frosted tips?

FB: No, that’s social suicide.

Thank you all so much for your questions,check back in next week for more!

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