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The Art of the Finsta: How To Up Your Finsta Game

    For those of you that don’t know what a “finsta” is — it’s a “fake Instagram” that people commonly use to rant and post about completely absurd things that occur. A “rinsta” refers to the “real Instagram” you use and have worked so hard on for years to build up to what it is now. Having a “rinsta” has turned into only posting the best possible pictures of yourself and never posting something embarrassing — people sometimes think of your Instagram as your social image. It’s very unfortunate that the representation of a social image is your page on Instagram and I am horrified for what’s to come in the next generation, but at the very least: finstas make the whole ordeal much more fun.

Your finsta handle is usually something making fun of yourself; that’s where the beauty of the finsta comes in. The entire point of having a finsta is only letting people follow it who you know very well, people who don’t give you the urge to go off on a tangent for 20 minutes. The original point of a finsta has been misconstrued by many, sometimes including myself. We all have friends that do those little things (or sometimes big things) that drive us up the wall, and we often feel the urge to rant about what happened, because what girl doesn’t? That is where the finsta comes into play. I rant about everything from crazy college professors to college boys to my unhealthy and concerning love for food. The beauty of a finsta is that you can speak your mind and share your crazy thoughts that you would not usually share with your hundreds or thousands of Instagram followers. What comes as no surprise, however, is how girls want lots of followers for their finsta account because that’s the whole goal of their rinsta. This completely contradicts the point of having a finsta and it deeply saddens me because once one of those friends that you are not so wild about stumbles across your goofy finsta handle, not accepting them to follow the account looks rude and like you guys aren’t friends.

A word of advice to finsta lovers everywhere, the more low key your account is the better. Your finsta is suppose to be a secret anyway and who really wants 100 people seeing that you hooked up with Kyle from Sigma Nu? Keep it to a minimum and the friends who will be laughing with you, not at you. Finsta away ladies!


I am a transfer student at the University of Delaware! I enjoy the beach, playing soccer, and watching movies.
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