Anime for Beginners

It seems as though everyone has gotten something out of almost a yearlong quarantine, whether it was learning how to cook or losing weight. I, on the other hand, have fallen in the deep hole that is the anime world. Now, you may be wondering what exactly anime is. Anime refers to animated shows from Japan. There are lot of subgenres, shows and debates that can seem overwhelming for a beginner. As a new weeb myself, I’m still learning, but here are some recommendations for anime to watch if you’re a beginner yourself. 

1. “My Hero Academia” - This show follows the next generation of superheroes as they face villains and high school. It’s as if the Avengers were teenagers in high school. There’s action, great character development and comedy. You’ll fall in love with Class 1-A in no time. 

2. “Ouran HighSchool Host Club” - Ouran Host Club follows a group of high school students that are a part of a host club to entertain their female classmates. The romance is steamy, and the boys are dreamy. Also, it talks about gender identity, which is very relevant today. 

3. “Haikyuu” - Two words: volleyball boys. Everyone loves an underdog story, and the story of the Karasuno team will melt your heart. There is a character for everyone to love and to root for. I quote this show on the daily and can’t pick a favorite character because I love them all. 

4. “Seven Deadly Sins” - This was the first anime I watched, and it started me on this path. It takes place in a magical world with knights, wizards, giants and fairies. It has an excellent balance of comedy, suspense and action. It’s a magical journey about reuniting the sins and saving their kingdom. Plus, it has a talking pig.

5. “Gauken Babysitters” - You’ll get baby fever from watching this show. It follows a boy, Ryu, and his baby brother, Kotaro, as they move to a new home and start a new life. Ryu begins working as a babysitter for the teacher’s children in the school’s daycare. It is a wonderful show about brotherly love and cute babies. 

Anime is a great way to expand your culture and Netflix options. There’s a wide net of choices for anyone to enjoy. I find a new show everyday to watch and enjoy. Hopefully, this will help you dip your toes into this new world.