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Advice to Freshman Girls on Why You Should Rush

Before coming into my freshman year of college I knew that I wanted to join a sorority because my mom was in one and I heard great things about joining Greek life. The University of Delaware is such a large school with so many opportunities and organizations that you can join to make friends and find out who you are through various activities. Also, coming into a school as big as this one, its normal to feel anxious and I found that rushing a sorority changed things for the better in my life.

Usually universities can let you rush Greek life in both fall and spring semesters, but at Delaware you can only rush in the spring for sororities. However, in the fall each sorority hosts an open house for potential new members to come meet the sisters and get a slight feel of what it would be like to be in that sorority. I think going to each of the open houses is a great idea and really important because you get a sense of how each one is different from the next and it can help clarify if being in a sorority is the right thing for you.

I rushed my sophomore year of college, even though most freshman usually rush their first year. Going through the process was hard, not going to lie, but so worth it in the end. To get back your list each day with the sororities that called you back was very nerve racking but when you saw the ones you loved on the list were some of the best moments. It is also important to go into the whole process with an open mind because you never know where you would fit in and you should not listen to stereotypes because they are not true.

On bid day opening up the letter that formally invites you to join a chapter was one of the greatest days of my life. The sorority that chose me was the one I knew I fit into best and could see myself being in. Since bid day I gained over 200 sisters and numerous friends that I know I will have forever. Just walking around campus you can say hi to so many new faces now and will know so many more people. The philanthropic events of the sorority are also a great way to get involved and do something for the community. The social events of course are also a ton of fun. Being involved in a sorority can also help you later on in life because it will provide you with many new connections that could influence your future! Everything you do in the sorority takes up a lot of your time but that is the best part about it because you will always be a busy gal!

There’s a reason your sorority will choose you and you should choose it back. It has improved my overall college experience tremendously and coming from a family of all boy siblings, I mean who wouldn’t want a couple hundred sisters?


University of Delaware 2018
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