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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Delaware chapter.

One look and I tell

Myself all the things I hate

my arms are too big

My skin is all raised

In the spots I was itchy

From medical things

My body’s messed up

From the non-stop meds I take

am and pm

Am I a disgrace?

They are healing my insides

Let’s breathe and retrace

I have a disease

That much is clear, so my mind

is on overdrive

Let’s rethink this thought

The pain is temporary

I’ll fight it indeed

With healing comes hurt

Turn away from the mirror

Choose kindness instead

Colette Brancaccio is a current senior at the University of Delaware. She is studying Elementary Education with a Concentration in Special Education. She enjoys reading, going for runs, & random dance parties. She is also the Founder and Owner of BHive Designs, a growing business that provides inventive & affordable gifts for any occasion while promoting service to the community.