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5 Reasons Why I Love Garnier’s Leave-In-Conditioner!

My entire life, I’ve struggled with the frizzy, curly mess on my head that I call my hair. Being that i’ve never tried leave-in conditioner before, I thought I’d try Garnier’s Whole Blends 10 in 1 Miracle Nectar Leave-In Serum! I listed a few of the reasons why ended up loving this product so much. This is a picture of my hair after the product being in my hair for a few hours, and the results speak for themselves! It gave me all the pick me ups my curls needed going into the cold weather!

1. Less Frizz!

I know right, it sounds too good to be true. I had my doubts too until I got out of the shower and tried it for the first time. After my hair fully dried hours after applying the leave-in, I was left with almost no frizz! I was astounded and received compliments by my roommates who noticed a difference. The trick is to apply the conditioner as soon as I got out of the shower. I learned that the dryer my hair was, the more frizz there would be. So applying the conditioner while my hair was still dripping wet worked the best. Who knew there was a way to tame this frizzy fro!

2. It smells amaaaazing!

Ok, I can’t stress enough how much I was smelling my hair. If I could put it into words, I’d describe it as if honey and a tropical fruit had a baby and sat on top of my head. As soon as I put it in my hair, you were able to smell it from a mile away. All my roommates were able to practically smell its goodness from another room!

3. Hair was suuuuper voluminous

I’m the first one to say my hair doesn’t need a lot of extra help when it comes to being puffy. But the extra volume this leave-in-conditioner added didn’t hurt. And recently, I’ve realized that my confidence level goes up the more voluptuous and full my hair looks, so this stuff did the trick. To quote Mean Girls, my hair’s so big because it’s full of secrets.

4. Enhanced my curls

If you’ve seen my hair naturally, then you know I have some pretty crazy curls. But recently, I’ve noticed that my curls have been getting wavyer and wavyer because i’ve been wearing it up in a bun a lot. But even after one use, my hair restored its crazy curls by only using the leave-in-conditioner. The curls were more defined after one use of the conditioner and much more coily, which is very important to me. I fell more in love with my curls!

5. My hair was shiny AF

Having shiny hair is super important to me. If the red color wasn’t bright enough to attract the public’s attention before, then the shininess from this leave-in-conditioner definitely helped get the job done. My hair looks much healthier, cleaner and shinier so this stuff was awesome for that. So this stuff worked wonders in leaving my hair looking extra luminous.I overall love what this leave-in-conditioner did to my hair and will definitely be using it again!

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