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11 Things UD Professors do that Drive their Students Insane

Ah, professors.  Some of them are insightful and inspiring!  Others…can be the bane of a student’s existence.  Either way, if you’ve ever taken a college course before, it is easy to find that there can sometimes be a double standard between professors and their students.  Here are just a couple of things that professors do that drive their students insane:

[DISCLAIMER: Any and all examples are not directly associated with the staff at UD]


1. Getting mad at students for “disrupting class” by getting up to use the bathroom.  

I’m sure the class discussion will recover from the noise made from moving a chair and walking out the door.

2. When professors assign huge projects that take 20 straight hours to finish and then complain about having to grade them.

“Oh no, I am not looking forward to grading these.” THEN WHY DID YOU ASSIGN IT?


3. Assigning homework that is due one day after a break so you have anxiety for the four days you get to spend with your family.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinners everyone!


4. When the professor says that they don’t answer emails that are unprofessional, yet put no effort into their responses.

Me: *spends 1 hour perfecting professional-as-hell email*

Professor: “ok.” – sent from iPhone


5. Giving pop quizzes that no one does well on because students don’t have time to study for every class all the time.  

Just want to make sure you spend the little free time you have preparing for a quiz that might not happen!

6. When students are expected to turn in assignments on strict deadlines, but professors take months to return them.

“You know how you had to do one assignment?  Yeah, I have to grade 75 of them.”  Okay, but that’s your job.

7. Punishing students that don’t need to go to class by slashing grades with each class missed beyond the allotted amount.

To an extent, it is understandably frustrating for a professor when students don’t attend their class.  However, college is a service students are paying for; if we don’t want to go, we shouldn’t have to! Especially if we can still do well without going to class.  Should students be punished for not needing their professors help?


8. When professors don’t assign any homework for two weeks and then everything is due within two days for five classes.

The cycle goes: no homework for weeks, one week of extreme torture and hell, disbelief that the week is finally over, repeat.

9. Cancelling class with almost no notice.

So commuters can waste gas getting to campus before immediately driving back home and people who woke up early and got ready can sit around and do nothing.


10. Scorning students for being late to their class, but then showing up late because they got caught up in a meeting.

“Excuse my tardiness.”


11. Tricking the students into thinking they’re nice professors by providing a study guide and then putting nothing from the study guide on the exam.

Just why??


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