Why You Need Houseplants

Houseplants give a fresh, outdoor look to any room. But they have many more benefits besides being aesthetically pleasing.

According to EcoWatch, there are several ways indoor plants can positively affect both our health and wellbeing. 


1. Your mental health 

Having nature in your home can create a peaceful atmosphere as they can make you think of the outdoors. Because of this, research shows that people with plants in their home are happier people. The oxygen from the plants also helps your brain feel less clouded after a busy day. 


2. Your productivity 

Adding plants to your workspace can increase your motivation. Colour and decoration in an office helps you work more effectively and gives you a surge of inspiration and creativity. Just a couple plants can help give you this mental boost.


3. Your learning abilities 

Having plants around your home can enhance focus levels and mental clarity. The calming nature of plants prevents you from feeling insecure so you can learn to your best ability. According to recent studies, attentiveness is raised by 70% in a room with plants.


4. Your immune system 

Chemicals in the plants can help you feel less stressed throughout the day. When you are relaxed or asleep your immune system gets a natural boost. This will make it easier for you to fight off any bugs and flus that your friends have. So, stock up during flu season!


5. Your air quality

When outdoor pollutants get into your home, they struggle to get out. The chemicals plants fight off these pollutants, leaving you with purer air. Your plants can also live off the chemicals they extract from the air as they are pulled into the soil and used as food.


Maria Voznuka, a second-year student in DCU, decorates her room with a variety of cacti, to create a relaxing atmosphere.

“I find having cacti in my room makes it a nicer environment to chill out in after a long day, they’re also easy to take care of,” she said.

So, how do you know which plant is best for you? Many plants have different symbols and can have an impact on your physical and mental health.

Orchids are a symbol of love. They can set a romantic and soothing atmosphere in any room. They are also highly effective at boosting your immune system.

Anthurium, a delicate heart-shaped flower, symbolises hospitality and inspires happiness. They purify the air by sucking up any ammonia in the air, preventing illnesses.

Aloe Vera plants are very useful to have around the home. The gel inside can be used to heal burns, as well as being part of your skincare or haircare routine.

The snake plant cleans the air better than any other indoor plant. It absorbs toxins in the air and decreases the odds of airborne allergies.

The peace lily absorbs acetone vapours, which can be found in nail polishes, nail polish removers and varnishes. If you do your nails regularly or own a nail salon, decorate with a peace lily to create safer, cleaner air.

Bonsai trees carry out all the functions of house plants, but they create a balanced atmosphere. These beautiful trees invite harmony and calmness into the room.

You can buy these plants pre-potted. However, if you have a green thumb you can of course grow them yourself.

If you’re considering beautifying your home with some greenery, artificial plants can be easier to take care of but, live plants are best if you’re interested in the health benefits. 

For tips on growing and maintaining houseplants, invinciblehouseplants.com is a great blog full of advice on where to put your plants, how to water them effectively and more.

The blog also gives you an option for a regular newsletter, giving you tips straight into your inbox.

Next time you’re redecorating your bedroom or home, you should definitely consider buying some house plants to keep your mind and body happy and healthy.


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