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Where to Go Ice Skating This Christmas

As deadlines begin to pass and the Christmas season starts to approach, many students are looking to fill their holidays with some festive activities.

One of the most common and popular activities during the snowy – or rainy – season is to ice skate. Whether it’s for a date, hanging out with friends or a family outing, ice skating can be the funniest and fittest activity for Christmas.

Thankfully in Dublin, there are plenty of options, but here are our top three.


Ice Skating Blanchardstown  Google rated 4.4/5 stars

Using high quality ice and finding the perfect way of maintaining the ice since 2014, Blanchardstown offers smooth skating at relatively low prices. When booked online tickets for an adult are €14 and box office prices are €17.

Victor Suoza said, “Great place to learn how to ice skate…Love it! All staff were very kind and  care (sic) if you fell. They gave all support in teaching and improve (sic) yourself.”


Dundrum on Ice Google rated 4/5 stars

Open until January 12th, Dundrum is one of Dublin’s most popular ice skating rinks and they offer 500m² of real ice to move around on. Tickets are €16 for adults for a 45 minute session when booked online or box office.

Google local guide, Chelsea said, “I wish this ice rink was there all year round! The staff is (sic) super helpful and you get the skates there which is handy. The prices are very reasonable and you get enough time to go for a spin.”


Swords on Ice Google rated 3.9/5 stars

Based on the Malahide road just next to the Pavilions shopping centre, Swords on Ice has been open since 2012 and is part of Blue Martini Group, who also run Dundrum on Ice and Galway City on Ice. Similar to Dundrum, they use 500m² of real ice.

Stephen Pierce said, “Had a fun date night and the staff are great craic! I liked it so much that a few days later I brought my son and he loved it! Great way to get the Christmas feeling going.”

Additionally, Blue Martini Group guarantees wheelchair accessible rinks that are constantly supervised by staff ready to help out.

So, with ice skating rinks spread all over the northside and southside of the city, there are plenty of high quality ones to get anyone in the Christmas spirit – as long as you are wrapped up and willing to fall a few times.


А в глубине души мы все хотим сожрать богатых.
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