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Since the reopening of nightclubs on October 22nd, and the days leading up to this, there has been an overwhelming increase in reports of women being spiked. Whether it’s through drinks or by injection, our previous precautions are no longer protecting us. Here’s what to do if you suspect that you, or a friend, have been spiked. 

Look for Symptoms

The first port of call is to examine the person whom you suspect has been spiked for any symptoms. Common symptoms include difficulty concentrating/speaking, lack of balance, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness and hallucinating. If they are experiencing any of these symptoms or acting unusually, you should proceed to the following steps. 

Stay Together

If you believe that you or a friend may have been spiked, stay together. Do not allow them to leave alone or with anyone who is not a trusted friend. Follow them to the bathroom or outside, in case their condition deteriorates. 

Stay Verbal

Attempt to stay verbal. By continuing the conversation, you can track the state of the person who has been spiked. As their condition worsens, they will be less able to speak and you can decide what step to take next. 

Tell a Staff Member 

If you are out in a club or restaurant, inform a member of staff of the situation. This will not only help you with your own situation but hopefully kickstart the staff members into a state of high alert, which could prevent others from being spiked. 

Call for help 

Depending on how bad the condition of the victim is, call for help. If the person who has been spiked seems stable, call another friend or family member to inform them of what happened. If their condition is poor, call the emergency services for help. If they have been spiked with a needle, medical professionals can attempt to bleed out the wound to prevent infections and diseases such as hepatitis C.  

Take them home

If medical assistance is not immediately required, take them home. Do this regardless of whether they “seem fine” or not. If their condition quickly worsens, at least they will be in a safe environment in which it can be dealt with efficiently and effectively. Again, go home with them yourself or ensure they are going home with a trusted friend. Do not allow them to leave with anyone else, especially alone. 

Get medical help  

The morning after getting spiked, book a doctor’s appointment. This check-up is crucial to ensure that the drugs did not cause any internal damage. When spiked with a needle, it is important to test for any diseases you may have contracted from the syringe. 

All in all, it is extremely important that if you have been spiked to look after yourself. It is nothing short of traumatic so ensure that you are taking care of yourself before going out again.

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