What DCU Means To Me: Lorna Lawless

Lorna Lawless, final year journalism student told me everything about from passion for music, her interest in writing, to her life at DCU! Although Lorna LOVES her university life, she stated that college can be both a fun but also an overwhelming place for students. A great read and a very talented lady. Lorna has a great future ahead of her!


  • What Course are you studying and what year are you in?

I’m in the final year of my Journalism degree.  

  • Why did you pick the course? Was it your first choice on the CAO form?

So, if we are being real here, Journalism wasn’t my first choice. I’ve had a keen interest in music since I was a child. I play the Irish harp and piano, so I always presumed I would go into that profession. However, it didn’t turn out to be the right choice for me. I wanted to keep music as my hobby. I thought I might become less passionate about it if I was to try to do it professionally.

I always loved writing, I have been carrying a journal around since I was very young, but never thought I would be good enough to write as a career. Somehow Journalism landed on my CAO and here we are three years later, and I finally feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Now being honest, it’s only now after seeing the broadcast and multimedia side of things did I realise how many different ways this could bring me. In the end, the curiosity of the world got the better of me.

  • Are clubs and societies important to you? Could you pretty please tell me the societies/clubs you joined and what they mean to you!

Societies and clubs were important to me, but maybe not as important as they were for other people. I like to think I’m quite a sociable person. I’ve played football for most of my life and I am heavily involved in organisations outside of DCU. Therefore, this is probably the reason I was never really heavily involved. Joining DCU Ladies GAA team in the first year though was the making of me. I got some solid mates straight away and immediately felt more settled. I didn’t continue it on, however, I see the girls all the time around college and it’s so nice to have so many familiar faces.

  • College is filled with endless memories, what is favourite one?

So, keeping on with the trend of being real, College isn’t my favourite place on the planet. The whole thing is rather overwhelming, the deadline, and constant turnover of workload can just feel mundane a lot of the time. However, I will say I’ve grown immensely through all my experiences, from living in Larkfield (that was an experience) on campus to then experiencing my first and last shite night. It’s all gone so fast, and in the end, I wouldn’t take back a thing. I’ve met some great mates along the way which I will always be grateful for.

  • What are your three College staples to get you through the day?


I don’t leave my house without my beats when everyone is in the Mac labs, it’s essential to be able to just slip them on and get in the zone.


Tae all day every day, I can’t get through the day without at least three cups.

Lip balm

I’m a Burt’s Bess fanatic. All about that minty smell.



  • Name A College Friend that is an Inspiration to you and Why?

Caitlin Laird, I feel we have a friendship that nobody in our course understands. Both of us ploughed through together even though, we both considered dropping out (multiple times). Up and down to Donegal she goes week in, week out, to get the work done.

Caitlin just gets it, we do our Radio show on a Thursday night at 9pm and no complaints. She goes on her five-hour bus journey home so she can earn them dolla’s. She pushes me on, when I can’t be bothered doing my assignment, and I genuinely wouldn’t be still in DCU if she hadn’t encouraged me in my articles, assignments and life in general. Caitlin is patient and always has time to listen. I’ll always be grateful for the panic Facetimes and texts that got me through some of the rough deadlines.


  • And lastly are the old gems correct in saying, ‘College Days Are the Days of your Life?’

I think is a major misconception. Yes, potentially if you thrive within a society and live on campus, DCU could become a haven for you and I’ve seen this with a few of my friends. However, for me college looked different and that’s okay. I have always just wanted to work and be in full time employment, to meet different people and build up experience. For me, college was just the obvious next step after school. Whether I wanted to go or not, in a lot of cases you need that piece of paper. College has shaped me in a lot of ways that I am so grateful for, and there is no doubt I learned things here that I’m glad I did, before embarrassing myself on the ‘real world’. Maybe they aren’t the best days because you are learning so much about yourself, which is challenging. However, on the overall, I feel I turned out better as a result. In the end it was a priceless experience which I wouldn’t change for a second.


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