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If you are frantically looking for a special occasion to get dressed up for Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to. It’s a time to go on dates, be it with your S.O, your gals, or even by yourself. There is nothing worse than scrambling for a last minute outfit! Regardless of your relationship status or plans, here at HerCampus we have compiled a ‘some lowkey to bombshell’ outfit so you can look and feel your absolute best! 

Classic dinner date 

Whether it’s the first or 20th date, nothing beats being asked on a fancy dinner date on Valentine’s Day. Reds and pinks are of course the colour of the occasion. Opting for a midi to maxi dress with a heel is a go-to! Satin is both a sultry and comfortable material to choose. Also, playing around with a cheeky cut out can really elevate any look. If you would like to go down the skirt and top route, a matching two piece will look stunning! 

Date with yourself 

On the contrary, if you a singleton on this day, fear not, for taking yourself on a date is perfectly acceptable! However you choose to spend your alone time, feeling confident in what you are wearing is key! An option that never fails is a good pair of jeans and blouse. The Zara Relax Fit jean is perfect for sculpting your booty while maintaining that trendy wide-leg cut. Throw on an effortless button up for a chic and put together look. You go, girlboss! 

Galentines night 

Nothing beats a night on the town with your girlfriends. Whether it be flirty cocktails at a rooftop bar or wine and a cheese board at home, getting dressed up together is always chaotically fun. Girls, this is where we pull out our sexiest, most scalendous mini dress. Go wild with prints or stick to a little black dress. Your feet will most definitely hurt from those stilettos, but I promise you won’t even feel it after a few shots! 

Netflix and Chill 

We ALL saw this one coming! If staying in and cuddling on the couch with S.O is your Valentine’s Day, keep it comfy. Many of us acquired an extensive lounge wear set collection over the past 2 years of the pandemic. Keep it modest with a matching silk set from Victoria Secret, giving just enough coverage until the Notebook ends. If you don’t even make it to the end of the movie, a lace slip is perfect. 

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your love and appreciation for the special person, or people, in your life. Indulge in some heart shaped chocolates and buy yourself that bouquet of flowers. Be sexy, bold and flirty whilst rocking your fit! 

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