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Valentine’s Day Baking Ideas And Recipes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

If there is one thing that I love more than baking, it is baking for those I love. Every occasion I love to try new bakes and trial them out on anyone who is willing. Here are my tried and (tasted) tested bakes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day no matter how you plan to spend the day.

Gin And pink rose cake for the Galentine’s get together

This is a great option whether you are baking with your friends or bringing dessert to a girls night. This three-tier pink ombre cake is really fun and has won over both family and friends in my experience. I have personally switched out the gin for pink gin and the rose lemonade for 7up and had great results. Find the recipe here: Gin & Pink Rose Lemonade Cake.

Top tip: An alternative for this big cake would be to make a small batch of the icing and top some basic cupcakes, this Mary Berry recipe is my go to.

Chocolate covered strawberries perfect for a valentine’s day picnic

Maybe you don’t fancy baking but still want a decadent dessert. This recipe is easy to follow and even has some tips on decorating. The dark chocolate could easily be substituted for milk chocolate if you prefer. If you wanted to take it up a level, you could always dip them into some sprinkles or chopped walnuts before the chocolate sets.

eton mess for the adventurous baker

If you fancy trying your hand at making meringues for the first time, Eton Mess is the best way to try it. Meringue will taste good no matter how it looks so this way there is no worries about piping the perfect swirl or if your meringue cracks because it will all be broken up anyway!

Try this recipe and remember, in a pinch, there is nothing wrong with shop bought meringues! Strawberries are used here but any fruit can be added – blueberries, peaches, raspberries… the list goes on.

a brownie bake for the chocolate lover

Tried and tested many times, this is my favourite brownie recipe from Odlums that includes melted chocolate as well as cocoa powder and chocolate chips. I usually use half milk chocolate and half dark chocolate for a rich taste.

For a Valentine’s twist, drizzle some melted white chocolate on top, sprinkle on some pink or red sprinkles and serve with strawberries.

sugar cookies for a stay at home date activity

Maybe you are waiting for the weekend to head out for dinner and want something to do on V-day or you have opted to stay home for a romantic night in, either way, why don’t you try your hand at making and decorating some sugar cookies together. Top tip: I like this recipe from Sainsburys but do note that if you want to colour your icing, it will affect the consistency of the icing so you may need to add in less liquid or more icing sugar to reach the desired consistency.

bonus bake

My final recommendation is one I can’t give you a recipe for but if none of the above suits your fancy, make a bake that reminds you of your loved one!. Maybe Apple Pie is their favourite dessert and it didn’t make my list, maybe Lemon Meringue Pie is associated with a personal memory for them or maybe Lemon Drizzle cake is the first bake you made together – no matter why, they will love it. Happy Baking!

Hi! My name is Erika! I'm a final year Marketing and Tech student based in Dublin City University. I'm a big foodie, a hopeless romantic and a true crime fanatic.