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Sex toys have become more popular in recent years as more conversations about female pleasure open up. If you’ve tried out some personal toys and loved them, then you will most definitely love bringing toys into the bedroom!


Here are just some of our suggestions. (Spoiler alert: most of these vibrate)



Yes, vibrators are usually for self pleasure but they can be a lot of fun to use on your partner or to have them use on you. Have a talk with your partner and figure out if you would prefer a bullet vibrator, a massage wand or a rabbit vibrator (for internal and external pleasure). If you’re only starting out with toys, a bullet vibrator would be the best way to ease yourselves into it!


Vibrating love ring

This one is great if you or your partner have a penis. It is a silicone ring that stretches over the penis and has a built in vibrator. This will feel great for both people involved, and may even help the person wearing it last longer! And as a bonus, they usually don’t cost much at all.


Vibrating underwear

I promise I’ll stop with vibrating toys now! While these can be pricey, they are so worth it! This is essentially a bullet vibrator that fits discreetly in your underwear. It connects to an app so your partner can control how much it vibrates. These would be a great way to spice up date nights!


This set costs around €100 euro, but you can get another for less.


Flavoured lube and condoms

Pretty much every chemist or sex toy shop has flavoured lube; strawbery, pineapple, cherry - whatever you like! Using flavoured lube can make foreplay more fun and enjoyable for everyone. Similarly, you can also get flavoured condoms which can help change things up.


Orgasm balm

If you need a little bit of extra help to orgasm, Love Honey’s orgasm balm could be just what you need. This is infused with peppermint and essential oils that stimulate nerve endings and promotes blood flow for better stimulation. Great to use with vulva having partners or even for a bit of you time!


Foreplay dice

These are a great way to introduce a bit of fun and spontaneity into the bedroom. Simply roll the dice and follow the instructions of what you have to do and to what body part. For example, one die could say ‘suck’ and the second ‘penis or clitoris’. 


There are so many different ways you can liven up sex with your partner, with toys giving you an abundance of options.


Of course, you should always talk to your partner before trying anything new. A great place to start would be to show them this article, and have a look at different toys that you think both of you will enjoy. 

Be sure to use a lube and toy cleaner with all of your toys to avoid any discomfort or unwanted infections from happening.

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