Teen Favourites to Revisit

It's no question that in recent times, many of us have been reverting to stories, movies, and tv shows that we watched when we were younger as we've had so much spare time. So here are a few to revisit over the next few months, if you haven't already.



This one was a genuine no brainer when thinking of teen favourites. Whether your choice is the books or the movies, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't delve back into the vampiric world of Bella and Edward. The movies are what I would personally call works of cinematic masterpieces. From the tonal blue of the first movie to the final battle in the last, there is nothing that this series leaves out. There are so many iconic lines which will turn you loca and might make you cringe. But it's also pretty fun to debate with people whether they're Team Edward or Team Jacob. Team Edward for the win!


Percy Jackson

Yes, I was that kid who thought they were better than everyone because they read these books, but I am now reformed. This book series started as a story author Rick Riordan, better known by his fans as Uncle Rick, told his sons to help them sleep. It is now a story that has inspired a second series related to it called the Heroes of Olympus, pertaining to the Roman Gods and The Kane Chronicles about Egyptian Gods, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and The Trials of Apollo. Also, there is no better time to read these magical works as Uncle Rick is working on a series surrounding Gaelic Folklore after graduating from UCC with a Masters in Gaelic Literature.


Pretty Little Liars

It's safe to say that this show defined the teenage years of a generation. Following the lives of four adolescent girls reeling from their Queen Bee's disappearance, this show was so highly anticipated each week that people would host release night watch parties for season premieres and finales. Spanning seven seasons, the story of Rosewood gets wackier and wackier, sometimes a bit too much. The far-fetched storylines never fail to offer a laugh and comfort as we anxiously wait to see who the elusive A turns out to be.


One Direction

This band is something that I will continue to revisit until I am unable to hear anything anymore. One Direction has been a staple in everyone’s playlists for over 10 years now. Unfortunately, they no longer make music together leaving a hole in the middle of our hearts like a Polo mint. Yes, it is heartbreaking but we still have five whole albums worth of bops to jump about the house to while doing our fifth spring clean of the week. There are endless possibilities with revisiting One Direction and their music, including reigniting your obsession with every one of them, rooting out your old merch and saturating yourself in a bottle of “Our Moment” perfume while crying to Love You Goodbye. Yes, I may have done this but don’t judge me, we all want them back!


So, as our lockdowns begin to lift, remember to take some time for yourself and revisit the things that made you so happy when you were younger. The wackier the better! It’s never too late to get back in touch with your younger self, and relive the happiness that things brought you.