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What’s her name? Her name is Bella Hadid. It has been recently announced that the multi-faceted supermodel will be the face of Swarovski’s Crystals campaign. The concept serves as the basis for a series built on a younger generation’s casual and easy affinity with striking crystal jewellery and its storied associations with glitz. Crystals have been casually incorporated into our modern wardrobes and have evolved into a daily instrument for personal expression. 

Bella Hadid’s six faces, each represented by a different hue of crystal jewellery, serve as an example of this progression. Each face is framed by a colourful crystal aperture carved in the octagonal shape of the brand’s emblem, packaging, and distinctive Millenia Family, symbolising a window into the Swarovski world. 

Crystals, with all of their facets and faces, are transformational by nature. A clear crystal, like an optical prism, contains a full rainbow’s worth of colours in its core that is brought to life by light refraction. This response is embraced by the Swarovski brand promotion as a representation of the flexible and adaptable nature of crystals. Each colour scheme selected for the Bella Hadid photos taken for the campaign is taken from the crystal’s inner tones and used to highlight a different quality of the model’s personality and appearance.


Sporty Bella: The full-cut crystals from the Lucent Family, which emit pure sunlight, are the focal point of Bella’s style proposal, which emphasises the energising and revitalising qualities of yellow. The brilliant hue is celebrated in its purest form in bold, happy pieces. Bella Hadid also sports Oryx, Harmonia, and Millenia necklaces, as well as Matrix earrings.


Sweet Bella successfully conveys the cheerful and girly codes of pink with strong undertones that reflect the colour’s influence, both sweet and powerful. Bella Hadid accessories her cheeky style with Millennia and Gema necklaces, Orbita stud earrings, Lucent ear cuffs, and striking octagonal crystal-encrusted Lucent hoops, all of which are intended to be important pieces of contemporary jewellery.


Inspired by the inherent natural and carefree aspects of the colour green, Cool Bella embodies a casual approach to crystal jewellery. Green represents growth and progress and embraces the ideals of a new generational mindset. Millenia green necklaces and bracelets evoke the impact of layered chains when worn with a cropped sweatshirt. Two Millennia necklaces are linked together to produce the appearance of a long drop chain, demonstrating the adaptability of the design. 


Bohemian Bella adopts a relaxed, carefree, and insouciant approach to dressing, embracing the calming and serene qualities of the colour blue. In Bella Hadid’s stacking of the timeless and adaptable Millenia bracelet, Lucent hoops, and Lucent rings, the concept is demonstrated.


Sunshine Bella: Through the sleek impact of metallics and pavé stones, Bella conveys the exuberant beauty at the core of Swarovski. With the Dextera Family’s geometric mix of macho metal and precisely-cut pavé as its focal point, the atmosphere captures the bright and seductive spirit of holidays drenched in the glittering sunlight. 

Clear White 

Glam Bella represents a bold new era in which glamour is a happy frame of mind. Bella Hadid exhibits a forceful and extremely confident approach to occasion dressing, expressed by the elegant Harmonia Family’s necklace and choker, as a development of the classic language of clear crystal jewellery, which is so tied to the image of old-world beauty. The pieces create the impression that the stones are floating because of their large cushion-cut crystals in suspended settings.

Whichever Bella you resonate with most, wear your crystals with utmost pride. You glow, girl! 

HerCampus DCU Co-Chairperson