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Have you developed a new crush in the past while? Or maybe you just want a fresh burst of energy in your relationship. With a love spell, all your romantic problems could just disappear!


Love spells are a specialised type of magic used to attract love. They can be in the form of writing, potions, rituals and even using objects such as dolls or candles.


Cosmopolitan explains that a key feature in witches’ practices incorporates spellcasting, with love spells being one of the most popular types of spells.


Between the 15th and 18th centuries, witchcraft was constantly prominent in the UK. According to Cosmopolitan, villagers would visit women they believed to be witches to help with their love problems by using herbs, plants and moon phases. 


While there is an abundance of love spells, you unfortunately can’t just make someone fall in love with you. For the spell to work you have to already have a connection with someone, that could be a classmate or a friend you just can’t stop thinking about.


Instead of the spell making them think differently about you, it is intended to make the connection between the two of you stronger. In order to keep the energy high during the spell, you should stay positive while performing it.


All spells have their own intentions, but with all of them there are two important rules that apply.


Firstly, it must be performed on Friday, because Friday is governed by the goddess of love, Venus. Secondly, it must be performed on a waxing moon phase, this is the slender crescent shape that is in between a new moon and a full moon.


Now that you know the rules, let’s get onto the fun stuff: the spells themselves!


Candle Magic

For this spell, you will need two candles that are ideally red, the colour of love. One candle will represent you and the second your love interest. 


In a bowl, mix oils and herbs to bind the ingredients together. This should include rose petals, patchouli oil, frangipani, dragon’s blood and chamomile. 


Anoint each candle in the mixture while visualising yourself with your love interest. Throughout the evening, gradually bring the two candles closer together.


Honey Jar Spell

It is believed that witches used honey to perform love spells because something sweet can generate affection between people. This is one of the most common spells that will improve the connection between two people and is most often used to bring couples closer together. 


First you will want to take a small piece of paper and write the person’s name three times, one under the other. Rotate the paper 90 degrees clockwise and write your name three times across the person’s name.


Now, you want to write your petition, this is a short phrase such as “love me” that you are going to write in a circle around the names without taking your pen off the page. While writing, you should be repeating your petition.


When that’s done, add some rose oil and pray for what you desire while putting the oil on each corner. Add some rose buds and fold your page into a smaller square and put it in the honey jar and say “As this honey is sweet to me, so will (name) be sweet to me.


Lick the honey off your fingers and do this two more times, having the page dipped in honey three times. After the third time, close the lid of the jar.


Poppet magic (dolls)

You will need two dolls to do this love spell, one for you and one as your love interest. If you like you can stick a picture of their face on the doll.


Put rose quartz crystals, rose petals and other love correspondences inside each of the dolls. This will turn them into a beacon of energy for love. Using a ribbon, tie both dolls together.


As with any spell, practice makes perfect so take your time and have fun trying them out. So, what are you waiting for? Go help them love you a little bit more!

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