Solutions to Your New Years Resolutions

New Years, the time everyone re-evaluates their lives based on what they achieved in the last twelve months. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in a year to accomplish everything you wanted. We need to spend more time changing the way we make resolutions, so that they are achievable and make sure you jump straight into 2019.  


It’s essential to sit down and write out your goals for the upcoming year. This includes the dream goals or even a simple goal of trying to eat healthier. It’s important to lay out exactly what you want for the year ahead, so you can plan in little steps. This is how you will get to  what seems to be now an unreachable goal. Once you have wrote your plans down its time to get creative.  


The Mood Board 


The visualisation of your goals for the next year is rarely talked about, but is so key to being motivated to complete your tasks. Take time this New Years to sit down and creatively put together words and pictures that best describe your goals. For example if you want to get fit you might put motivational quotes throughout the board. However, if you want to eat better you might look up and print out some recipes you want to cook in this new year. Visualising and putting images to your goals can be a powerful daily reminder of why you are striving for that goal. Simply writing your goals down and putting them in front of you, every single day is one of the most powerful ways to motivate yourself.  


Make a plan early and stick to it 


It is vital that you really have a good thorough think about this year’s goals. Don’t pick impulsive resolutions that are not realistic and aren’t what you really want to do. Be as specific as you can possibly can be with your goals. Makes dates for when you should complete tasks by or an amount of money you want to have saved by such a date. This helps to keep you focused on your goal. Meeting these short-term deadlines helps you get closer to your ultimate long-term goal. Help yourself accomplish these goals by recording your progress and acknowledging your successes even when they seem small.  


Most important 


Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t hit the target weight or haven’t read enough books etc. There’s no shame in taking longer than you expected and it shouldn’t be an excuse to stop pursuing your goal. A “New Year” can start at any moment, it happens when your decide to make the choice to be better. If it doesn’t work out, start again with a different approach. Maybe you can’t accomplish all of your dreams and goals in one year. Accept it and celebrate the little successes on the way. Just take one step at a time and remember everybody goes at their own pace.