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Seasonal woes: Where and how to spend my Summer ?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

Whether you experienced it already, are going through it now or are lucky enough to have it yet to come; we all experience a “what are you doing this summer?” season. 

From February onwards, we are constantly plagued by the question of how we are planning on spending the months of June, July and August. So, how do you choose what’s best for you and what are some options?  

For a lot of young people, money is a massive concern throughout their college years. This is normal. Therefore, a welcome break from lectures, assignments and presentations allows us to work, work, work. Earning money is one of the most satisfying things we can do; and spending it on some local summer events and throughout the college year isn’t too bad either! Part-time summer jobs start popping up frequently come April so be sure to throw the CV about as much as you can, it definitely benefits you to show a face rather than applying online! 

For those of us lucky enough to work through term time or with a little more money in the bank; travelling over the summer is another great option. Many young people from Ireland will take to the rails with little more than a backpack, travel diary and a dream. Inter-railing offers freedom, flexibility and the chance to see much more of a country than a standard hotel holiday. Having a base to return to is also a good option; it offers the reassurance and comfort of a home away from home and using public transport you can still explore and travel around an area. Travelling with a group? Check Airnbnb for great accommodation offers globally.  

Finally, a combination of the two; because, why not have it all? Students and young people from Ireland flock to holiday and party destinations all over Europe for the chance to bag a summer job abroad. You can pocket the euros from a part-time job while soaking up some sun. Many party resorts offer employment all season so it doesn’t matter if you have to spend June saving up! With a bit more preparation, the standard J1 is another great option. Work and travel the States with this visa and you’re set for the summer of a lifetime.  

Whether you’re looking to spend or earn this season, there are so many options to have the summer of your dreams! Do your research, be prepared, convince your parents and you have your perfect summer in the bag.


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