Return of Riverdale

On Thursday night, the much anticipated second season of Riverdale returned to Netflix. I binged watched Riverdale over the summer and like everyone else was dying to find out what happened after the cliff hanger of season one, where Archie’s dad Fred was shot. The suspense was killing us all.  

The opening scene is intense as Archie drives recklessly through ice covered streets to get his father to the hospital. I’ll admit that I was never Archie’s biggest fan, but I really felt for him throughout this episode. Over the course of Fred’s time in hospital, we see flash forwards of the future, he will miss with Archie if he dies, such as Archie’s graduation, his proposal to Veronica and his wedding. It’s heart breaking to watch because we know that all Fred can depend on in life is his son. When Fred wakes up, it’s such a touching moment and there may have been a few tears from me. Archie feels that he should have done more to protect his father, so when Fred returns home he sits facing the front door, baseball bat in hand. I’m worried for his state of mind. 

 This episode focuses more on the relationship between Veronica and Archie than that of Betty and Jughead, which was great because I was far more interested in Veronica and Archie’s dynamic, it was something the viewers had not witness in season one. Archie, who is so in need of help and support, and Veronica, who is uncomfortable dealing with feelings. Previously, I had doubts that Veronica and Archie shared a real connection, but this episode shows that their relationship is based on more than just attraction. Archie finally breaks down when Veronica goes through Fred’s clothes from the hospital and is unable to find his wallet. He tells her to leave, but she refuses and finally Archie allows himself to cry. I’m looking forward to watching their relationship develop. 

Betty and Jughead face their own struggles. In the season finale, Jughead put on the jacket of the Southside Serpents, thus involving himself in the dangerous criminal gang. Betty fears that this new motorcycle riding Jughead will fall in with the gang and I feel that this is inevitable. He already becomes involved when the Serpents torture a suspect in his father’s trailer where he’s staying. Their relationship will definitely be tested this season. 

Another interesting storyline was that of Cheryl Blossom and her mother. Cheryl now has all the power after she burned the Blossom mansion down and threatened her mother’s life. Cheryl is so complicated and I can’t wait to see what she does this season. 

It’s unlikely that the shooting was a robbery as no money was stolen from Pop’s. The same shooter strangles Archie’s old music teacher, Miss Grundy, who he had a relationship with. This leads me to believe that the shooter has a vendetta against Archie. 

Overall, I adored the premiere! I feel that this season will be much darker and already I noticed that the acting has improved as each actor is more settled into their character. Thursday can’t come quick enough! 

Photo credit: @CW_Riverdale