New Semester, New Me

“New year, new me,” “New haircut, new me,” “New semester, new me.” 

People are always trying to re-brand themselves.

Just gone through a bad break up?

Dye your hair and buy some clothes to reinvent yourself a little.

The New Year started?   

Hit the gym and become a more positive person?

A lot of people scoff when the words “new me” are declared, but I personally like those words.  

Coming into my second year of college, like many others, I have decided to reinvent myself. Now if you’re like every other college student who’s come in with their promises of “Ah, I’ll go to every lecture this year,” and “No more cans and carbs and more fruit and flavoured water,” I’m here to tell you to scrap those unrealistic goals, and give you some real tips on how to make the most out of your year at DCU. 


This sounds like a cringe and cliché way to start off this list, but the friends you make in college are the friends you’ll have your whole life. The person you sit down next to in a lecture could be your new best friend, the person who buys you a can in Nubar could be a person you work with as a part of a committee, two people shifting on a couch in a club, one of them could be your soulmate! All we have in this world is the connections we make with other human beings, so please, make friends. 

Don’t let it pile up: 

“It” can mean a lot of things, college work, your emotions, the rubbish bins sat in the corner of your apartment just begging to be taken out. Failing is never the end of the world, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as getting a good grade back on an essay or passing an exam you studied hard for. To truly stay on top of college life, make a free few hours, sit in the library with a coffee, and do a few hours of study a week. You’ll feel good after you do it and you might even learn something.  

Do what YOU want (in small doses): 

I recently added twenty items from Bershka to my shopping cart. The little angel and devil on my right and left shoulder had a scrap over whether I should purchase it all or not. I chose instead to only buy five items; I felt satisfied and didn't end up spending a small fortune that I don’t have. The point is, do what you want to do but think of the consequences it’ll have on your wallet. Sure, the free entry before eleven looks appealing until you get inside and drinks are a tenner each. Always think about what’s going to be best for you in the long run. 

Mental health: 

There is nothing wrong with taking a step back from everything going on around you to take some you time. You’re important, your health is important. Separate sometime in the week to have YOU time, whether it be an hour, having a self-care time, reading a book, baking, listening to music. Make sure you create time for the mind to rest!