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Jeffree Star’s Fluctuating Fame Says A Lot About His Privilege

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

From racism scandals to the dramageddon Jeffree Star is one of the most controversial Beauty Influencers to come out of the 2016 Youtube scene and that’s saying a lot. When it comes to controversy’s nothing can beat the 2016 dramageddon where Jeffrey Star was exposed for a series of problematic behaviour including but not limited to using racist language and verbally attacking women of colour, using the term Lipstick Nazi in his marketing and sporting a swastika, sexual harassment and so much more. Soon after that came out he was dropped by Morphe, lost millions of followers and was more or less “cancelled” which led to him retiring in November 2022. Despite all of this he seems to be making a comeback. 

On January 24th,Tiktok beauty influencer Mikayla posted a video in partnership with L’Oréal to promote the brand’s new Mascara. She was later exposed for faking the review many fans pointed out that she was wearing false eyelashes and claiming it was the work of the mascara. This then quickly launched into a whole scale criticism of TikTok beauty influencers prioritising brands over giving their audiences. Many people then called on Jeffree Star claiming that although he was problematic at least he was honest and Jeffree responded. In a tweet he says, “I’ll be BACK to reviewing makeup products next week. These f****** b****** can’t stop lying to their audiences and it makes me SICK,”. Surprisingly many people welcomed his return expressing their excitement at finally receiving honest reviews.

Jeffree Star’s ability to not only come back after being exposed for the acts he had committed but to also be welcomed is indicative of both his privilege and the fact that the beauty community refuses to be a safe space for black and brown people. Jeffree Star, as a rich white man, is constantly praised for his honesty and his ability to “keep it real” even though there are many Poc beauty influencers who have been doing that for a long time and are yet to get even half the recognition he gets. It is exhausting to have to come forward over and over again with the reasons as to why he shouldn’t be given a place in the community, have it cause a short term outrage and then be ignored it just proves that those voices aren’t valued. Jeffree Star should not be able to come back after all he has done especially when he shows no real proof of change.

His return to the internet not only proves his privilege but also proves that the beauty community cares more about, “honesty” than it ever will about marginalised people.

Hey! My name's Temi! I'm a Law with media student at DCU. I'm a Nigerian-Irish writer and I've been writing since I was 10. I enjoy singing, crocheting and writing as well as watching a ton of video essays. I perform at open mics sometimes and I write my own poetry. I'm interested in Journalism and Media and I have written articles in the past and as of current.