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It’s Time To Normalise Period Sex

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DCU chapter.

Period sex, a term that shall not be named, a term that is so taboo women and men are almost afraid to discuss it in our modern age. Cis-gender women experience a period once a week every month, so yes we bleed no news there but does that mean we have to give up getting jiggy for a whole week? Absolutely not. 


“I think there is a lot of stigma around period sex from women. In a sexual relationship I feel men are a lot more open to periods than women imagine,” said a DCU student.


In July this year, a Tampax TV advertisement was banned in Ireland by the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) after 84 complaints were filed against it. In this ad, it depicted a talk show host discussing tampons with a young woman, why you ask was this ad banned? The ASAI said it caused ‘widespread offence’. The insecurity and ‘offence’ a woman feels regarding her period are from conditioning within society.


“From when I was first taught about my period in school, the boys were taken out of the class to play,” said a Trinity College student. However, period sex is not purely based on whether our society deems it right or wrong, it depends on the choice of the woman.


“I think it’s a lot easier to bring up in conversation when you are in a committed relationship but it is something that should be talked about more freely,” the DCU student added.


Period sex is also a topic of conversation for girls in a same-sex relationship because period sychronisation is not a myth, it can occur.


“I think when it comes to periods it probably helps that we are both girls, we both understand each other better,” said the TCD student. She added: “Neither of us is comfortable from the first to third day due to our periods being heavier and ickier but by day 4 or 5 screw it.” 


Period sex is also not another form of contraception, so the ‘no glove, no love’ rule stays to protect you from STI’s and most importantly unwanted children. Periods can be a hassle when wanting to have sex but it is still possible, there’s no need to throw that option out the window this time of the month.


Ruth Marks, a former dual-site manager of a lingerie and sex shop in South West London said: “We used to have people ask if we sold sponges which could be used to keep period sex cleaner.”


“We all know when you’re on your period you just feel a bit gross and the mess it  can make on the sheets so it has to be a little more planned out, towels down, shower access,” said Marks, “planned sex isn’t always as appealing.” Period sex is about the woman, her choice, and her consent, it isn’t something to be afraid or ashamed of.


“I say put a towel down and get frisky” said the DCU student.


2020 is a bloody mess, women are not.

Final year journalism student just trying to survive.
BA in Economics, Politics and Law DCU. Currently studying European Union Law in The University of Amsterdam. Campus Correspondent for Her Campus DCU 2020/2021!